Kristen Taekman On Drama: ‘Ramona Is Constantly In The Middle Of It All’

Kristen Taekman may only have been on The Real Housewives of New York for one other season, but she is learning that she can’t trust the ladies. Kristen decided to sit down and talk to Ramona Singer about what happened with Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend, as she felt he was being too grabby with her at an event.

But Kristen Taekman was shocked at how things developed as the ladies were talking. Taekman admitted that she had no idea how emotional Dorinda was in regards to John — and she quickly realized that she made a mistake speaking with Ramona about John. Now, Kristen is speaking out about what happened.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Taekman is now revealing that she felt Singer started the drama with Medley. In fact, Taekman is now regretting that she spoke with Singer about the drama, as a pattern is developing with Ramona.

“Ramona is such a s**t stirrer! So I was dumb for telling Dorinda to her face as opposed to talking behind her back? HELLO! The dance started off as fun and silly, and it quickly shifted to my being uncomfortable, and I excused myself. That’s that,” Kristen Taekman explains, adding, “Ramona is constantly in the middle of it all. She starts it and passes it off to everyone else. Makes me nuts!”

Both Kristen Taekman and Ramona Singer realized that Dorinda doesn’t like to talk about her boyfriend. Clearly, she is very emotional about her love life, and Medley doesn’t like it when the other ladies question him and their reunion. And Taekman was shocked at how emotional she got.

“As for Dorinda. WOW! She is clearly very sensitive to the whole John topic. Very defensive. I had no idea of the history behind this topic before this particular day in the Berkshires. John is sort of known for his inappropriateness? UGH…,” Kristen Taekman reveals in frustration, adding that she wasn’t expecting a shocking response, “So, Dorinda goes off on me, and I am IN SHOCK! I had no idea that she had this in her. I really love Dorinda at this point, so I am mortified by what’s happening! When she starts talking about Josh and then about the fact that me dancing with John is shameful because I’m a mother was unbelievable! Whoa, whoa, slow down … I know that after watching this Dorinda is very emotional and going through a rough time.”

But Kristen Taekman should know that it isn’t fun to put a relationship on reality television. According to the Inquisitr, Kristen’s marriage wasn’t portrayed in a great light last season, but they took the time to work on their relationship.

What do you think of Kristen Taekman’s comments about Ramona Singer starting drama?

[Image via Bravo]