Ted Nugent Sounds Off On Make-A-Wish Foundation, Insists It’s ‘Worse Than Cancer’

Ted Nugent has some harsh words for the notable Make-A-Wish Foundation. Although the renowned non-profit organization is known for making monumental dreams come true for children with terminal illnesses, the 66-year-old musician and political activist isn’t very impressed with their admirable deeds. But, why?

Apparently, there are some dreams the foundation will not bring to fruition regardless of the child’s condition. According to Clash Daily, the foundation will not grant the wishes of children who have dreams of going hunting due to “political correctness.” The controversial restriction has the “Wango Tango” rocker in an uproar. In fact, he was so annoyed with the Phoenix, Ariz0na-based foundation that he recently took to the WND Commentary to vent about the vexation he’s experiencing.

The lengthy post begins with an account about a terminally ill 15-year-old boy — only identified as “Adam” — who had a deep admiration for camping and hunting. In a nutshell, Adam was the epitome of an outdoorsman — until he fell ill. All he desired was one last chance to enjoy the great outdoors by going hunting. Unfortunately, the foundation allegedly dashed the boy’s hopes due to their high regard for animal rights.

“Adam was just 15 years old and was fighting the battle of his young life. Like way too many youngsters in the world, stricken with the dreaded disease of cancer, he showed courage beyond measure as he trooped like a warrior through his agonizing chemo and radiation treatments.

Losing his hair, bloated, suffering and weakened to the point where he could barely walk, he knew deep down inside that all the powerful love and positive daily gush of encouragement from family, friends and doctors was a façade and that the inevitable end was near.

Adam was a hunter, a fisherman and a gungho outdoorsman, so before his time was up he wanted one more hunt to take with him to the big spirit campfire in the sky.”

Needless to say, Nugent is outraged by the foundation’s decision to deny Adam’s wish. He went on to blasts the foundation and even took his argument a step further by insisting that making children suffer from the drawbacks of “political correctness” is a “disease worse than cancer” He argues that only a “soulless” and “mindless” individual would deny a child’s dreams due to political compliance.

“In my estimation, there is only one disease worse than cancer, and that would be the self-inflicted curse of political correctness,” he wrote. “And if you want to know just how soulless, mindless and heartless those that have chosen this curse can be, I give you the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“To think that the insanity of the animal-rights and anti-hunting freaks have actually tainted this otherwise wonderful charity is an indictment on our society as a whole. Really stop and think about that for a moment, won’t you. In the depths of your imagination can you fathom a fellow human being telling a dying child that his request for a last hunt will not be honored?”

“On one hand, Make A Wish does indeed do God’s work in many ways for children, and I continue to participate in their fundraisers with autographed goodies, but to refuse a dying child’s request for a hunt is indescribably rotten and heartless any way you dare try to rationalize it.”

“Shame on them. Shame on them all.”

Nugent’s rant is quite lengthy, so if you’d like to read the full post, click here. According to Biz Pac Review, Ted Nugent now works with the organization Hunt of a Lifetime, which is specifically designed to grant the type of hunting dreams the Make-A-Wish Foundation would reportedly deny. The publication reports “Adam” is actually one of the terminally ill children that Nugent gladly helped. On June 7, Nugent shared a Facebook post of his recent hunting experience with a 14-year-old named Harrison who suffers from spinal cancer.

Nugent and Harrison

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