Elderly Woman Booted Out Of Her Home By Her Own Son

This week saw an elderly woman booted out of her home by her own son because she couldn’t afford to buy the house.

The 86-year-old woman has hit the headlines in France after her landlord told her to pack up her things and go after she was booted out of her home when he decided to sell the house for a figure she could not possibly afford. The really unfortunately part is that her landlord happens to be her own flesh and blood, her son.

This week sees the elderly woman booted out of her home, where she has lived for the past 40 years in Verdun, eastern France. The woman said her son had promised her that she could stay in the house until her death.

However, it seems her son says this isn’t the case. Back in 2012, he put the house on the market for the princely sum of 125,000 euros ($140,800).

According to the French-language news service 20 Minutes, while the elderly woman has been staying there for 40 years, her son apparently bought the house seven years before for a mere 42,000 euros ($47,308). He reportedly then performed “extensive work” on it and has now decided to put the house back on the market at a price three times that he paid for it, with his elderly mother to be booted out of her home in the process.

According to the Local, her nasty offspring might not get his way. Experts have valued the house at a maximum price of 82,000 euros ($92,364), which prompted authorities to probe whether he is running a “fraudulent scheme” to ensure his mother couldn’t afford to buy the home, effectively meaning she is booted out of her home.

Despite that, the Nancy Court of Appeal has apparently upheld a ruling by the District Court, saying Thursday that while the price does appear to be “excessive,” this didn’t mean the man was running a fraudulent scheme by attempting to discourage the current tenant, an elderly woman (his own mother), from buying the house.

In the meantime, the son appears to have no regrets whatsoever about the fact his elderly mother was booted out of her home of so many years.

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