Are the Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Michael Douglas facelift rumors are making their rounds online again. Back in 2005, rumors about Michael Douglas facelift started when photos taken of him in Barbados surfaced showing the star with a bandage near one ear and some bleeding from a scar near the other ear. With obvious visual scars, it’s not surprising that a lot of people interperted this as evidence of recent plastic surgery.

At the time in 2005, Michael Douglas’ publicist, Allen Burry, released a statement indicating the visible wounds were not from plastic surgery. Instead they were the result of him having non cancerous lesions removed from the area around his ears. Facelift rumors surfaced earlier in 2000 as well when it was said that Mr. Douglas had plastic surgery before marrying his second wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, who is 25 years younger.

The photos causing the current round of speculation around whether or not Michael Douglas had a facelift or not appear to be evidence that someone didn’t realize how old they were. Although, given that Mr. Douglas is a legendary Hollywood actor who’s livelyhood and social life are influenced by looks, plastic surgery shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Michael Douglas, 64, is the son of screen legend Kirk Douglas.

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