Betty White Pulls Prank On ‘Late Late Show’ Host

Betty White may be 93-years-old, but she still knows how to pull off a great prank. White’s victim this time around was new The Late Late Show host James Corden.

Just before White was set to appear on the show, Betty called Corden to complain about a few things. Eonline reported that White phoned the rookie host to let him know just how she wants things done.

“I called him and I had a few things to say to him. You know, the way I would like things done.”

Corden was good natured and listened to White’s requests of how she wanted to sing on the show, needed some M & M’s but just the yellow ones, wanted to have some of the lighting changed, and how she hated the color of her dressing room. InStyle wrote White complained about the paint choice for the dressing room.

“As it is now, it’s brown, and there’s nothing worse than brown.”

Corden tried to convince her that the room wasn’t brown but rather more of a cream color. White shot back with the great quip.

“Cream is just brown milked down.”

White closed the prank by calling Corden Johnny several times instead of his actual name, James.

Watching White pull off this prank on one of the new guys in late night is great TV. She is still on of the funniest women around and has gone toe to toe with the best of them throughout her 76-year career on television. Plus, the prank worked so well because Corden treated Betty with the respect she deserved. If this was some young up and coming diva making all these demands the joke probably wouldn’t have worked so well.

As for White, she is still keeping busy. She wrapped up shooting on her sitcom Hot In Cleveland earlier this year, and the series finale aired on June 3. As reported on earlier here at the Inquisitr White also joined the world of Instagram. Betty already has 145,000 followers and White’s most recent post is from her appearance on The Late Late Show.

You can still find White on TV as the host of Betty White’s Smartest Animals In America on GAC. Who knows where White might turn up next, but wherever she goes she will be grateful. As Betty told Oprah Winfrey earlier this year she feels lucky.

“Who would ever dream that I would not only be this healthy, but still be invited to work? That’s the privilege… To still have jobs to do is such a privilege.”

The privilege is truly ours Betty White.

[Image Source: Jesse Grant / Getty Images]

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