Kenlissia Jones’ Murder Charge In Georgia Called Abortion Pill Feticide

Even in Georgia, Kenlissia Jones’ murder charge is unusual because she was jailed for using an abortion pill. Although the murder charge has been dropped, she still faces prosecution for lesser charges.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a Texas abortion law has been upheld in federal appeals court, and critics say this will cause abortion clinics to close down.

Prosecutors said Kenlissia Jones’ murder charge was on the basis of the purchase of an abortion drug called Cytotec, which the 23-year-old woman purchased from a source in Canada over the Internet after breaking up with her boyfriend. Taking the abortion bill caused her to deliver the baby boy, who died after about half an hour at a hospital.

A county social services worker called police, telling them that the fetus was delivered in the car on the way to the hospital. Jones was arrested and put in jail on charges of malice murder and possession of a dangerous drug. Jones’ grandmother, Mary Lee Jones, says her granddaughter needs professional counseling, not jail time.

“I think now, in the position she’s in, she needs to be evaluated,” Jones’ grandmother said, according to the Associated Press. “She’s just not herself.”

It is believed that whoever made the arrest may have not known what Georgia’s abortion laws say. Even pro-life groups in Georgia were surprised by Kenlissia Jones’ murder charge.

“I have been involved in the pro-life movement for well over 20 years, and I’m not aware of a situation like this ever,” said Genevieve Wilson, a director of the anti-abortion group Georgia Right to Life. “I’m very surprised by it.”

When District Attorney Greg Edwards considered Kenlissia Jones’ murder charge, he was quick to point out that Georgia’s abortion laws do not allow a woman to be prosecuted for an unlawful termination of her own pregnancy.

“Ms. Jones had been charged by the Albany Police Department for the offense of malice murder. However, this morning, I dismissed that malice murder warrant after thorough legal research by myself and my staff led to the conclusion that Georgia law presently does not permit prosecution of Ms. Jones for any alleged acts relating to the end of her pregnancy,” he said in the statement he released.

Edwards also noted that third parties could be criminally prosecuted for their actions relating to an illegal abortion, but Kenlissia Jones’ murder charge was officially dropped. But Jones still faces a misdemeanor charge of possession of a dangerous drug.

[Image via Dougherty County Jail]

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