Jennifer Aniston’s Tanning Revelation: Actress Dishes On Beauty, Justin Theroux, And More

Jennifer Aniston gave up tanning. That is one of the revelations the actress made in a new interview. Aniston actually regrets the amount of time she spent in the sun without sunscreen in the past because she knows it damaged her skin.

Aniston is not one to hide her beauty secrets. The actress talks very candidly about beauty, and she shares tips. In recent years, she signed on as a spokesperson for Aveeno, and she started her own hair care line called Living Proof.

In a recent interview shared by Forbes, she spoke about her summer beauty regimen, and she revealed more about her break from the sun.

“I’ve been taking a break from the sun for the last couple years, and that might be a permanent one. So I usually do a bronzer of some sort and then a light eye and a rosy lip—a rosy-plummy kind of lip or a nude lip. My makeup’s pretty basic.”

In fact, she revealed to People Magazine that she gave herself a “tanning intervention a few years ago.” As a child, she did not use sunscreen much, and that is her biggest regret. She now uses one of Aveeno’s products to protect her skin when she is out in the sun.

The actress actually likes using less make-up these days, and she revealed that Justin Theroux, her fiancé, prefers her without make-up. While filming Cake, the actress actually wore no make-up at all during filming, and she revealed more about the experience during Oscar season.

“When I was filming Cake, I didn’t wear any makeup. I was taken aback by how nervous I got about walking outside and knowing that there was probably going to be a whole group of photographers. But then I just let go and I didn’t care. And over the next five weeks of shooting that, I really loved it. I wasn’t attached [to makeup]. If anything, putting on makeup felt so weird.”

Cake was her first major dramatic role. Aniston was nominated for the role, but she missed the win. The actress does want to take on more dramatic work in the future, though. According to Design & Trend, the actress spoke about her desire to branch out in her career in an interview shared earlier this year.

“I was going through frustrations in my career [leading up to ‘Cake’]. I wanted to work with this director or that director — and it was like ‘why can’t I be part of that?’ I had such amazing success in that one piece of our industry, but I wanted to stretch myself more. I was starting to fear maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m not right for any of these parts. But I can’t let other people’s opinions — or lack on being chosen for a role — make me doubt what I know I can do. I’m comfortable going to dark places that have lived in me for a long time. At this point in my career, it was like [screw] it. I’m ready to be raw and expose myself. And it couldn’t be the pretty version; it had to be real, painful, ugly and unflattering.”

During production of Cake, Aniston revealed that Justin Theroux was supportive of her decision to branch out. The star called him an “unbelievable partner” in a recent interview.

Aniston has nothing but positive things to say about her future husband. She first saw Theroux on the set of Tropic Thunder in 2007, and she revealed that he made her sweat even then with his looks. Now, the couple is set to marry, but the pair has not rushed down the aisle.

Aniston has told People Magazine that Theroux is the “the best thing this decade” to happen to her. After her split from Brad Pitt during her 30s, Aniston did struggle a bit in the romance department, but it does appear that she has now met her match in Justin Theroux. In fact, in a recent interview with Elle Magazine shared by People, she revealed just how close the two of them have become.

“We share everything — he uses all Living Proof and Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Guys are lazy. They use what’s in front of them. He has his own toothbrush, of course, and in an emergency then we’ll share. I like my toothbrush.”

Aniston is very open about her life in interviews, but fans should not expect her to become a permanent fixture on social media. According to a previous Inquisitr report, the actress participated in a one-day social media event for Aveeno in May. That will be the extent of her social media use for the time being. Aniston spoke about social media and society’s focus on beauty with Forbes.

“I’m not a part of social media, so I get to relieve myself of that pressure. But it’s a great thing, this campaign. Everything doesn’t have a script, and things happen. The wonderful things are the mistakes that happen, the unplanned moments. That could be anything from your beautiful moment with your dogs that make you laugh…your kids, or the sunset or running into someone. Natural beauty—I think it means your beauty. For me, it means loving what you have and what you’ve been given. This society right now is very focused on youth and some sort of perfection, and chasing that is absolutely exhausting and unattainable.”

What is her top beauty secret? Aniston revealed that sleep and drinking lots of water are very important. The actress is a spokesperson for Smartwater, and she is featured on the go for their latest campaign, according to Us Magazine.

What do you think of Aniston’s tanning intervention and her other revelations? Aniston’s latest People Magazine interview is in the new issue that hit stores today.

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