Jennifer Aniston: A Day In The Life Via Social Media Includes Meals, Workout Regimen

Is Jennifer Aniston becoming a social media maven?

Jennifer Aniston has long taken an anti-social media stance when it comes to sharing, well, just about anything. Aniston doesn’t have Twitter, she’s not an active Facebook user, and she doesn’t have Instagram.

So, when Jennifer Aniston took to social media for one day only, fans were delighted. Aniston shared all kinds of different aspects of her day, starting with what she ate for breakfast and ending with a goodnight photo.

Good morning, Instagram!

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On Friday, Aniston took over the Instagram feed for Living Proof, which is a beauty company with heavy-duty scientific research behind its products. The website calls Living Proof a company “founded by world-class biotech scientists and beauty experts with one simple ambition: challenge conventional wisdom to solve your toughest beauty problems.”

Aniston is the celebrity face in front of Living Proof. In fact, she’s co-owner of the company.

Of course, Aniston’s Instagram shares included plenty of promotion for the company, which she co-owns — for example, her goodnight photo shows a Living Proof night hair product — but she also shares insight into her workout regimen and what she does to relax. (In case you’re wondering, Aniston read a book to chill out.)

COULD. NOT. PUT. DOWN. Now late for dinner #obsessed A photo posted by Living Proof (@livingproofinc) on

Just because Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram for a day, doesn’t mean she’s changed her stance on social media. In fact, in 2013, Aniston told ABC Nightline News that if she took to Twitter full-time, she would probably surprise many people.

“If I took to Twitter or anything, I would really send people over the edge, probably just correcting every false rumor.”

Jennifer Aniston, 46, has been in the news recently as a participant in the Red Nose Day festivities.

In addition, tabloids and media outlets expect Aniston to marry fiancé Justin Theroux any day. Aniston and Theroux have been engaged for more than three years, and while some reports indicate that the couple may have split, many media outlets expect the wedding to go on.

Aniston’s Instagram photos seem to indicate the same, as she intimates that she and Theroux stil co-own some chickens.

Our chickens have been very hard at work

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Would you follow Aniston on social media accounts? Would you like to see more of Jennifer Aniston online? Why or why not?

[Photo credit: Living Proof Instagram account.]