Where To Retire In 2015? Best And Worst Cities Named

Wondering where to retire in 2015? Bankrate.com has spoken and compiled a list of the absolute best and absolute worst retirement cities in the United States. Surprisingly, several Arizona states topped the list, but the Bankrate.com team recommends avoiding the New York City area.

Every year, Bankrate.com uses certain criteria to glean the top 10 cities for retirement out of 172 major United States cities. The most major criteria include weather, crime rates, taxes, proximity, quality of health care, and overall cost of living. Other factors also include the overall satisfaction of residents 65 and older.

Taking those factors into account, the financial publishing team deemed the following cities the best places to retire.

1. Phoenix metro area (Mesa, Scottsdale)

2. Arlington/Alexandria, VA

3. Prescott, AZ

4. Tucson, AZ

5. Des Moines, IA

6. Denver/Aurora, CO

7. Austin/Round Rock, TX

8. Cape Coral, FL

9. Colorado Springs, CO

10. Franklin, TN

The team also named a few of the worst places for retirement, and New York City was at the very top of the list. It proved too expensive, too busy, too dangerous, too cold/hot, and too uncomfortable for the average retiree. Others high on the list of cities to avoid include Little Rock, AK; New Haven, CT; and Buffalo, NY.

Things Retirees Look For

The criteria Bankrate.com uses to answer the “where to retire” question is extremely important to most retirees. Their research showed that the warm, relatively secure, and close-knit regions in Arizona proved to be the perfect balanced lifestyle for most retirees. They also discovered that healthcare quality was a major factor in retirement, which is what led them straight to Des Moines, Iowa. The cold winters, extreme summers, high taxes, and low well-being ratings are the factors that drive retirees away from New York state.

Finding Overall Well-Being

Another major finding in the Bankrate.com study is that the overall well being of retirees was one of the most important factors to a comfortable retirement community. Safety, security, cost of living, and proximity to the city have a lot to do with it, but the quality of the residence is another major factor.

They are particularly interested in smart home technologies, such as thermostat settings and remote controlled tech. They’ve discovered that the economical benefits that come with smart thermostats is unparalleled, and that remote controlled features in rooms such as the bathroom have revolutionized their overall health and well-being.

For example, science has now brought us toilets that can monitor blood sugar levels, read signs of a heart attack, and much more. Remote-controlled bidets also make for a handy commodity for bathroom clean up. Each of these are exceptional examples of the best features to have in a home.

It’s the age of luxury, and that translates especially to the 2015 retiree’s home. These types of features, in combination with a great environment, make the “where to retire” question much easier to answer.

[Image via FoxNews.com]