Pit Bull Mix Attacks Edwardsburg Michiagan Woman, Becomes Victim Of Cyber Bullying

Casey Sills of Edwardsburg, Michigan was enjoying a cookout with friends on May 23rd when she was attacked by a pit bull-Labrador mix named Zeus. Robert Norris hosted the cookout where Sills was attacked by his dog. She was petting the pit bull and making funny noises at the dog just prior to leaning over to give it a kiss. The dog reacted to her face close to his and bit her on the left side of her face. Norris pulled Zeus off of Sills and saved her life. However, after posting images of her injuries online, Sills has become a victim of cyber bullying as people contact her and call her “ugly” and say she is not telling the truth about the attack.

Sills states that she did not try to kiss the dog, especially after just meeting him, instead claims that Zeus attacked her unprovoked, according to WNDU TV.

“I’m scratching the dog, at that point I didn’t think too much of it. If a dog is supposed to be that protection, that’s great, but the dog seemed to sense I wasn’t a mean or bad person.”

Norris, on the other hand, tells a different story. He claims that Sills did try to give Zeus a kiss prior to his attack. Norris claims that Zeus was rescued from an abusive home and is trained to be a guard dog.

“She was making a weird noise, as she’s doing this she’s reaching down to give him a kiss. When she did that, that’s when he attacked her.”

When Zeus attacked, Norris quickly pulled him off of Sills. He admitted to kicking the dog and even stated that he didn’t think twice about killing Zeus if he had to. Despite the vicious attack, Zeus was okay and spent a mandatory ten days in quarantine at the animal shelter. A decision has not been made regarding whether he will be euthanized, according to Fox 28.

As she tries to heal from the attack, both emotionally and physically, Sills was attacked again on social media as she became victim of cyber bullying. A stranger named Michele Bush saw Sill’s injuries online and set up a GoFund Me account to assist with medical costs. However, Sills has received personal messages on Facebook and other communications via social media calling her a liar and saying she is just ‘ugly’ and that the cuts and bruises on her face are simply the way she looks.

Sills doesn’t know what she did to deserve to be a victim of cyber bullying, but just wants it to end.

“I want the pain to go away… but I know the physical pain is going to take time, but the emotional healing from that. I know that I need to probably get some help for that.”

Despite the attack, Norris and Sills have remained friends. Norris is currently planning a fundraiser to assist in paying for the medical bills.

[Photo Courtesy: WNDU TV]