John McCain Tells A Funny, Suggests Sarah Palin For VP

John McCain made an appearance on CBS’s This Morning on Wednesday and during his appearance the former GOP presidential front-runner who lost to President Obama in 2008 suggested in jest that Sarah Palin should be Mitt Romney’s choice for Vice President.

McCain stopped by the show to talk about health care reform and other issues but when asked who Mitt Romney should choose as his running mate McCain said with a straight face:

“I think it should be Sarah Palin.”

That response got a good laugh out of everyone in the studio at which point McCain turned serious and noted:

“Obviously, it’s a tough choice.”

McCain went on to point out that with all likeliness Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate for the office of the President and McCain revealed that Santorum should fully “understand it is time for a graceful exit.”

As many other members of the Republican party have already pointed out McCain called the campaign “really rather disastrous” while noting that it ended up “hurting all the candidates” through various attacks on their character and past decisions.

Regardless of the perception much of the public has for Mitt Romney at this time McCain says he believes the country will still give Romney a second chance, although we doubt poor people, minorities and women will be among those second chance givers.

Here’s McCain talking on This Morning:

Do you think John McCain is right? Will Americans give Mitt Romney a second chance or has too much damage to his reputation been caused by his fellow GOP primary opponents and his own severe case of foot-in-mouth disease?

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