Ex-Convict Robs Bank In Attempt To Be Put In Prison To Avoid Homelessness, Gets A Job Instead [Video]

An ex-convict from Gary, Indiana, 53-year-old David Potchen, was released from prison after serving several years and found that life was going to be more difficult than he had anticipated. While in prison, Potchen says he was able to work and earned money with his prison wages to buy his own clothes and food. However, upon release, the ex-convict found it difficult to find a job.

The man would spend days filling out job applications only to be turned down. Finally, after walking 12-miles with nowhere to go and homelessness staring him in the face, Potchen decided he would be better off behind bars. Therefore, he made the drastic decision to rob a bank so that police would return him to prison where he could work and live his life. However, Lake County Superior Court Judge Clarence Murray wasn't about to let that happen. Instead of going back to prison, Potchen was given a job.

NBC News reports that David Potchen felt hopeless after he was released from prison and unable to find a job to support himself. Instead of living homeless on the streets, Potchen thought it would be better to go back to jail. Therefore, the man walked into a bank and demanded money. After the robbery, Potchen walked outside and waited for police to arrive. He simply wanted to go back to jail where he could work is prison job and support himself to the best of his ability.

However, Judge Clarence Murray thought that there was a better solution for the man who desperately wanted to work but couldn't find a job. Instead of sentencing him to jail, the judge found him a job. A local trucking company offered Potchen a job as a welder and says he now works full-time.

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[Image Credit: Mugshot/ Youtube]