Dr. Drew Admits To Drug Use, Says ‘I’m Not Perfect’

Dr. Drew Pinsky, well-known for helping celebrities heal from drug and alcohol addiction, admitted recently he was also doing drugs in his past. This comes as a shock to numerous viewers who’ve watched the doctor lecture about drug use on many different occasions.

Last week, Dr. Drew opened up and talked about his past on his show, HLN’s Dr. Drew Show. He told the audience that in his younger years, he smoked marijuana and used cocaine.

The famous doctor kept his secret hidden for many years. He feared his audience, which consisted mainly of young people in college, would be influenced to do drugs. He also didn’t want his children to find out until they were older.

“I did drugs and alcohol when I was 22, 23 years old. And I think I went around denying it when my kids were younger. I am not perfect. I was a screw ball just like everybody else.”

Rumors of his drug use ran rampant in the past, but the doctor never confirmed them until his children, who are now grown, were able to understand better.

“There’s a very strict rule I have which is you do not tell anybody what you did during your adolescence, young adulthood, unless you want your kids to do the same. My kids just graduated from college so I can talk about anything right now. I did drugs – cocaine, alcohol, pot.”

Although Dr. Drew admitted his past drug use in order to help educate his young audience on the dangers of drug use, a former friend, Jim “Poorman” Trenton, recently said that the doctor had a bigger problem with drugs than he’s letting on.

Allegedly, Dr. Drew snorted cocaine every week in 1983, while working as a medical expert on KROQ’s radio show, Loveline.

Additionally, Farley Malorrus, a former entertainer reporter for KROQ, said that almost everyone who worked at the radio station, including Dr. Drew, used cocaine frequently.

“It was like living at the magic castle in Disneyland. Some guy would ring up and say, ‘I’ve got top quality Colombian cocaine’. Jim ‘Poorman” Trenton would be like, ‘boom bring him in.’ If you wanted sex, girls would come in, if you wanted a gourmet lunch, food would arrive.”

Trenton, who is no longer friends with Dr. Drew, plans to write a “tell-all” book on how he partied with the famous doctor in the 1980s. It’s not clear whether Dr. Drew confessed to his drug use in fear of Trenton’s upcoming book, but regardless, he indicates that he was never addicted to drugs, but hopes that others will learn from his mistakes.

“It formed me later on because I didn’t like it that much. When I saw people that were unable to stop I thought, Oh my god this is something very different from what I experienced.”

Dr. Drew airs Monday through Thursday on HLN, at 9 p.m. ET. The show covers numerous topics, including drug abuse, infidelity, transgender issues, and more.

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