Mistress Sues Ex-Lover For $2 Million In Unpaid ‘Services’ After He Refused To Divorce His Wife

A scorned ex-mistress to a retired media executive is taking her anger over being jilted to the courtroom. The 67-year-old mistress, Theodora Lee Corsell, has filed a lawsuit against her ex-lover 88-year-old James Greenwald after she claims he owes her for six years of unpaid “services.” Corsell claims that Greenwald promised to pay her compensation for work she did for the man outside of their relationship in addition to promising he would divorce his wife. However, Greenwald failed to follow through on either promise and now Corsell wants “reasonable” compensation for her time which she says amounts to roughly $2 million.

The New York Post reports that scorned lover Theodora Corsell has filed a lawsuit against her ex-lover for unpaid services. The mistress claims that her “professional services were separate and apart from the parties’ romantic relationship” and that Greenwald had promised to pay her for the work she performed for him while they were seeing one another. The relationship lasted for six years and Corsell claims Greenwald made a host of promises that he never fulfilled including work compensation, inclusion in his will and divorce from his wife.

Corsell says that when Greenwald approached his wife about the divorce she refused and told him that she would rather “see them bury you six feet under before I grant you a divorce. I’m the last Mrs. Greenwald.” Corsell says that Greenwald took advantage of their situation to make the mistress his “glorified gofer.” She says the professional services she provided to the man included promoting his unpublished memoir, getting rid of unused New York Giants tickets and even helping defeat a $3 million lawsuit threat from another mistress.

The woman claims that the services she provided to Greenwald were entirely separate from their relationship and that he had promised the woman compensation. However, Greenwald’s attorneys are painting a different picture. His lawyers claim to the New York Daily News that the lawsuit is just a “shakedown” and that Greenwald was not going to just make a payment for silence on the affair.

“We view this as a failed, shameless shakedown. She’s not entitled to any money. Jim Greenwald is happily married and wasn’t going to just pay what he viewed as a shakedown for silence.”

What do you think of the allegations made by the mistress? Should she receive compensation for the professional services she provided her ex-lover? Or is she just trying to milk her ex-lover for money for not leaving his wife?

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