Norway: Fisherman Catches Monster Halibut Too Big For Boat [Video]

When this fisherman said it was “this big” he was really telling the truth as a Swedish man caught a monster halibut in Norway which was too big to fit in his boat.

We’ve all heard the tales about the fish that got away. You know, it was “this big”, it was huge, etc. Well this guy really caught a big one and he managed to hang on to it too. The monster halibut weighed 100 kilograms (220 pounds) and measured a whopping two meters (6.5 feet) in length.

The Inquisitr reported recently on a guy who caught a massive Bluefin tuna clocking in at 173 pounds. Turns out that one was a little small in comparison.

Swedish fisherman, Erik Axner, was fishing off Norway’s Lofoten peninsular when it happened. In the description on the video below, Axner says, “I got a light bite but when I set the hook it turned out in to a brutal fight between me and the halibut. With my Westin W8 Boat we manage to secure the fish beside the boat after a fight that lasted around 15-20 minutes.”

He then hooked a monster halibut that was so big, the only way he could get a photo of the darn thing was to jump into the water alongside the fish.

According to the Swedish language newspaper Aftonbladet, Axner was totally shocked when he realized just how big it was.

“We couldn’t lift the fish into the boat as it was too big. We don’t do that, as we would risk hurting it. So instead, I jumped in the water and we took pictures.”

Both a fisherman and a fishing guide, Axner has never caught a fish this huge before and he said it was a “dream fish” which measured two meters in length and was apparently very well fed.

It turns out Atlantic halibut are renowned as being among the largest fish in the world. While Axner’s monster halibut was pretty darn big, according to the Local it is still only a fraction when compared to the world record set by German angler Marco Liebenow in 2013.

His record breaking monster halibut was also caught off the coast of Norway and weighed a huge 232 kg (511 lbs) which is apparently about the size of a large pig.

You can see Axner’s experience with his monster halibut in the video included below.

[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]