Georgia Lake Completely Disappears Overnight During Thunderstorm

Residents in Coweta County, Georgia, awoke after a thunderstorm Sunday night to find that their beloved Aspen Lake had completely disappeared. As the lake residents slept, the heavy rains caused the 50-year-old dam to give way. The water flowed into a downstream swamp and the entire lake had vanished.

The Times-Herald reports that the residents are heartbroken by the disappearance of their beloved Aspen Lake. Families say they purchased home in the area because of the lake and now it is gone. Joey Haack, who has lived by the lake for nine years, says that he can’t believe the entire lake is gone and that it put a hole in his heart to see the leftover mud and tree stumps in the lake’s wake.

“This has put a hole in my heart the size of Texas. I would have never believed it would be gone in one night.”

Residents note that prior to the dam breaking, the lake had risen probably six inches and was covering some docks and making its way up the bank. Though the lake was overflowing with water Sunday night before residents went to bed, when they woke up Monday morning the lake had completely disappeared. After the dam broke, the water flowed downstream into a nearby swamp. Now the residents are left to contemplate what they should do next.

According to AJC, many residents say they only moved to the area because of the lake and desperately want it back. Wayne Brown, another resident of the area, says that everyone is devastated.

“It’s gone. Nine years of everything is just gone here for me. Twenty years for Harvey, 10 years for this guy over here. It’s just devastating.”

Residents contacted the county commissioner, Tim Lassetter, in an attempt to see if the city could help in rebuilding the dam. However, Lassetter pointed out that the lake was on private property so he may not be able to help the residents with the costs. However, he has promised to “to see if there is anything the county can do to fix the lake.” Lassetter visited the empty lake Monday afternoon and says he will be putting a team together to discuss their options and gather more information.

Meanwhile, residents are left with a muddy hole filled with dead tree stumps where their beautiful lake once stood. Do you think the county commissioner should help with the costs of the dam following the thunderstorm, or is it the residents responsibility as the land is private property?

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