‘Girl Meets World’ Spoilers: Matthew Lawrence Returning As Jack Hunter

Girl Meets World fans are getting yet another Boy Meets World alum back for Season 2. Matthew Lawrence, who played Shawn’s long lost older brother, Jack Hunter, is returning. Entertainment Weekly confirms that Jack will be back for at least one episode in Season 2, but details on the storyline surrounding his return are scarce.

According to reports, Jack’s episode will also feature Eric Matthews, who fans have seen on one other episode this season. Eric was always a fan favorite character on Boy Meets World, and he surely made a new generation of fans laugh with his recent appearance on Girl Meets World.

Fans of the original series know that while Cory and Shawn’s friendship was the best of the show, their big brothers, Eric and Jack, also developed their own pretty amazing friendship along the way. Now the younger generation of viewers will get to see that friendship.

Hollywood Life reports that there will definitely be a resurrection of Eric and Jack’s “bromance” when the two are finally seen back together again, and fans are hoping for some serious info about what both of them have been up to over the past decade.

Jack Hunter first joined Boy Meets World in Season 5 when it was revealed that he was Shawn’s older half-brother who had been taken away to live with his mother and rich stepfather. After a lot of work on their rocky relationship, the Hunter boys grew close to one another and even survived the tragic death of their father, Chet.

Fans last saw Jack in the Boy Meets World series finale when he had planned to join the Peace Corps with his other best friend and roommate, Rachel. Now, thanks to Girl Meets World’s revival of these beloved characters we’ll finally get to see what happened to Jack Hunter.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jack isn’t the only special guest star fans will see in Season 2. While we’ve already seen Eric Matthews, Mr. Feeny, and Shawn Hunter, future episodes include Cory and Shawn’s former teacher, Mr. Turner, Shawn’s ex-girlfriend Angela, and the spirit of his late father, Chet Hunter.

Watching Girl Meets World really is like having the best of both worlds. Fans get to see what happened to their favorite Boy Meets World characters while watching a new generation of talented, funny, and amazing characters in Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Farkle develop before our eyes.

What are your thoughts on Matthew Lawrence returning to Girl Meets World as Jack Hunter?

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