‘Girl Meets World’ Spoilers: Lies, Love, And Mr. Turner’s Return

Girl Meets World Season 2 will finally return with new episodes on Friday and Movie News Guide has the spoilers on what viewers can expect to see in the next three episodes. It looks like Riley and Maya will have a crisis of conscience, Maya and Auggie will have trouble in the love department, and a familiar face from Boy Meets World will return.

According to the report, episode 6, titled “Girl Meets The Tell-Tale-Tot” will air on Disney Channel on Friday, June 5, and will feature Riley feeling pretty guilty about lying to her parents, Cory and Topanga. Riley will reportedly lie to her mom and dad so that she and her best friend forever, Maya, can attend a party. However, later Riley will feel so guilty that it’s likely we’ll see her confess her lie to her family and apologize, of course learning a big life lesson in the process.

The episode will also feature Maya’s love interest, and Cory’s much younger brother, Josh, who revealed in Girl Meets World Season 1 that he was going to be in New York much more due to classes he is taking.

Spoiler TV reports that episode 7 will be titled “Girl Meets Rules,” and will deal with something Cory’s best friend, Shawn Hunter, knows all too well about — detention. According to the report, chaos will ensue when the entire class will get out of control and become completely divided, thus Cory will be forced to issue a class wide detention, which Farkle should be thoroughly upset with.

Meanwhile, Auggie’s little girlfriend, Ava, will be back, but she’ll be changed. Ava will be better behaved and nicer to Auggie once she realizes that she may lose him to another girl. The episode will also feature janitor Harley, whom Boy Meets World fans will remember as Cory Matthews’ former school bully.

Episode 8 will be a big one as Cory’s former teacher, Mr. Johnathan Turner, will return in Girl Meets New Teacher. Other than Mr. Feeny, Mr. Turner is the one teacher that helped shaped Cory’s schooling. However, it has been a long time since fans have seen him, and it will be great to see what he’s up to now. We’re hoping Shawn Hunter will also be apart of this episode, as Mr. Turner was like a father to Shawn during his high school years.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mr. Turner isn’t the only former character who could be returning. Ben Savage revealed that he would love to have Jennifer Love Hewitt return as her fan-favorite character Feffy, the one episode appearance by the actress was made in one of the best episodes of all time, and Ben says he’d like to have her back for a cameo.

What are your thoughts on the latest Girl Meets World spoilers?

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