‘Girl Meets World’: Ben Savage Wants Jennifer Love Hewitt To Return As ‘Feffy’

Girl Meets World fans may get to see another familiar face from Boy Meets World. Hollywood Life reports that Ben Savage, who plays lovable and goofy Cory Matthews on the show, wants to see Jennifer Love Hewitt return as her fan favorite character “Feffy,” who was only seen in one episode.

According to the report, Savage told the website that since Jennifer Love Hewitt ended her run on Criminal Minds, he actually asked her if she would like to appear on Girl Meets World as Feffy.

“She should come back! I worked on Criminal Minds and I said, ‘I want you to come back,’ so hopefully we’ll see her too, eventually.”

Boy Meets World fans will remember Hewitt’s guest starring cameo as “Jennifer Love Fefferman” in a fan favorite episode where the gang is locked in at school and battling a killer. “Feffy” got very friendly will Cory’s big brother Eric Matthews before being “killed” by the masked man who also took Mr. Feeny’s life, Eric’s life, and Jack and Angela as well. Evan Rowan Blanchard is a fan of the episode.

“I love that episode.”

Thankfully, it turns out that it was all just a dream that Shawn was having, and no one actually died. However, the spooky, yet hilarious episode has become one of the most memorable among Boy Meets World fans.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Many former Boy Meets World characters have already guest starred on Girl Meets World, and in Season 2, so many more are coming back to share in the love. Cory’s brother Eric will make his debut on the spin-off series as well as Shawn’s former love, Angela, Shawn’s old mentor and teacher Mr. Turner, and Shawn’s late father, Chet, will return in spirit form. Rowan Blanchard gives details on Angela and Chet’s return.

“[Chet] appears in Girl Meets Hurricane(episode 9), and Shawn is having to deal with a situation where he has to have a more positive outlook, and he kind of goes to Chet for help with that so it’s almost a vision.”

Angela will reportedly appear in that same episode, and it is sure to be a very tense reunion as she and Shawn were once so in love, but he revealed that he tried to make it work, but couldn’t hold on to her.

TV reports that Girl Meets World Season 2 premieres tonight, May 11, and will follow that up with an entire week of new episodes on Disney Channel.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Love Hewitt possibly returning to Girl Meets World as Feffy?

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