Your digital last will and testament

For some it would appear so because the idea of digital estate agents seems to be a growing field of web start ups. The latest one to cross my desk is Legacy Locker who just went public this morning at 8 AM PST and much like your real world lawyer and estate agent they handle your digital will. As they phrased it in their PR email

Conceptually the site is similar to an electronic will, but specific to digital information rather than physical assets. Account holders add multiple assets and create as many beneficiaries as they like. Additionally, a user can create “Legacy Letters”, the contents of which are automatically emailed to loved ones, friends, or colleagues when a death is reported.

I really shouldn’t be too picky about this as when you reach my age things like this are definitely something one has to consider. However I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that if you are smart enough to have a will in the first place then chances are you will have taken steps to make sure your burgeoning digital empire is included in that will. The idea that we would need a specific company to deal with these issues only seems to add to the redundancy of any preparations you have made for your passing.

Besides, unless you do indeed have a nice little digital empire built up do you really want everything you have done to live beyond your web hosting fees expiring?

As for the service itself it is nice to see web companies coming along that actually realize that you need to charge money for services rendered. While I may question the validity of needing such a redundant service Legacy Locker does offer a couple of ways to pay for your digital will management.

Myself if I was going to seriously consider using such a service the One Time Fee deal would probably make the most sense. The problem is that they have restricted themselves to only credit card payment – no PayPal support, or any other type of payment support by the look of it.

Me .. I’ll stick to my notebook and my estate manager but thanks anyway.

Update: I just got back home for taking care of some stuff to find an email from Jeremy Toeman the founder of Legacy Locker inviting me to give the full service a run through. So I’ll be taking him up on his offer and will post a follow up to this post with a more exhaustive look at the service. As well Jeremy let me know that they will be accepting PayPal very soon. Thanks for reach out Jeremy, it is much appreciated

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