Osama bin Laden Fathered 4 Kids While On The Run

Osama bin Laden spent nine years on the run from U.S. and international forces and during his time in Pakistan he managed to father four children while still avoiding detection.

According to Osama’s youngest wife they moved between five different homes in Pakistan and two of their children were actually born in governmental hospitals according to a Pakistani police report.

Pakistan has often touted its “powerful” security force which has led many officials to wonder how Osama bin Laden was able to sneak around the country with a large and growing family in tow, right under the watchful eye of the Pakistani regime that was suppose to be hunting him down.

While the bin Laden family went their separate ways following 9/11 Abdulfattah eventually met up with her husband in the Pakistani city of Peshawar in 2002. At that time she says they hid in the rural northwest region of Pakistan, just outside of Islamabad. Authorities were searching tribal regions at that time however Osama bin Laden and his family managed to avoid those heavily searched areas.

Abdulfattah says the family then moved in 2003 to Haripur, a town located even closer to Islamabad. It was at that location that Osama bin Laden’s wife delivered two of their children in government hospitals while using a fake name to avoid detection.

After their children were born the family then moved to Abbottabad where they had two more children in 2005. Abbottabad also happens to be the location where Osama bin Laden was eventually found and executed by US Navy Seals.