$39,000! 3-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Won’t Make A ‘Spoiled Brat,’ Says Eric Lembo, Trang Nguyen

Disney birthday parties can get quite expensive, but to spend $39,000? A 3-year-old’s birthday party really did cost $39K, and critics are claiming Eric Lembo and Trang Nguyen are setting up their daughter to become a “spoiled brat.” The parents defended their 3-year-old’s $39,000 birthday party, saying, “The day wasn’t all about the money.”

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So just how did Eric Lembo and Trang Nguyen manage to spend $39,000? The 3-year-old’s Disney-themed party invited a grand total of 170 adult guests and 50 child guests. They spared no expense on the kids, providing them entertainment like a face painter, balloon artist, and photo booth. Of course, since this is Disney, and Minnie and Mickey Mouse walked around entertaining the kids.

Apparently, much of that $39k (or $48,195 Australian dollars) went straight in their bellies since the menu called for scallops, pork belly, wood-fired pizza, and oysters. It’s also highly doubtful the 3-year-old girl benefited much from the $12,700 spent just on beer, wine, and soft drinks alone.

When the story went viral, readers swarmed the Perth Now‘s Facebook page to say what they felt about parents who would spend $39,000 on a 3-year-old.

“Even if it cost him a fifth of that it is still obscene for a three year old. Or a ten year old. Or a 16 year old,” wrote a a reader named Eric. “They are setting this child up to be a spoiled brat.”

Others called the 3-year-old’s birthday party a “shameless display of materialism,” with some noting that the $39,000 could have gone to help the poor and the needy within Australia. Eric Lambo shot back at his critics, claiming that he regularly donates to charity, including paying for a terminally ill cancer patient’s wedding, and donating $1,000 lunch vouchers to charity auctions.

“One of the comments was that we should send our daughter to a refugee camp so that she can learn the value of money,” Lembo told Perth Now. “That’s very funny because Trang and her whole family came to Australia from a refugee camp.”

Lembo also says the extravagant birthday party had cultural significance.

“The Italian and the Vietnamese cultures have a large first birthday so we decided to do it for her second and third birthday as well,” Lembo explained. “It has really become a party not just for Lauren but for all of my family and friends to get together. That’s very important to me.”

Do you think it was wise for Eric Lembo and Trang Nguyen to give their family an event costing $39,000, 3-year-old’s birthday party or not?

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