Dash Cam Footage: Australian Driver’s Terrifying Encounter With Hooded Figure On Lonely Road In Dead Of The Night [Video]

A man driving at about 1:00 a.m. Sunday, along a deserted country road two hours north of Sydney, Australia, had a terrifying horror movie-like encounter with a lone hooded figure standing in the middle of the road close to a four-wheel drive car blocking an intersection.

The chilling footage captured on the driver’s dash cam has gone viral online.

It shows the hooded figure approaching the car. The driver slows to avoid hitting him, but the hooded figure, whose face is averted as he approaches, lunges at the car with a blood-curling scream. The driver immediately swerves to avoid the figure, accelerates, and speeds away in fright.

The man tried to call his wife who was driving close behind but he was unable to get through to her, so the unsuspecting woman and the passenger travelling with her had to go through the same terrifying ordeal.

Footage shows the female driver slowing down as she pulls up to the truck at the same intersection. The hooded figure walks towards her car, looking down with his hands in his pockets as he approaches. He lunges at the car at the last moment, screaming. Scared, the woman puts her foot down, swerves to avoid the hooded figure and the truck and speeds away.

According to the Newcastle Herald, the woman, shaken by the experience, said, “I almost stopped before I could go around this guy, and as we went past he just lunged at our door. We still don’t know what he was trying to do, whether he was trying to rob us, was he trying to take our car or was he trying to hurt us.”

The couple said they reported to the incident to the police and showed investigators the dash cam footage. They said they were concerned to know what the man was trying to do.

“For starters, we need to find out what the bloke’s intentions were, whether he might even have mental health issues. The bottom line is we need to know what was going on.”

Police later arrested a man believed to be in his 30s. The man was found on Sunday to be in possession of crystal methylamphetamine, according to the Daily Mail. He was reportedly found sleeping in a truck, a Mitsubishi Triton, at a location nearby. He was charged with drug possession and refused bail.

Police apparently believed he was the same as the man who stopped the late night driver and his wife and that he was acting under the influence of drugs. They said that because they did not believe the man’s intention was to carjack or harm the drivers, they will not bring charges against him with regard to the late night road incident.

[Image: YouTube/Daschcam Owners Australia]

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