The Fairy Tale Romance Of Kate Middleton And Prince William Is The Subject Of Fiction

Kate Middleton and her doting hubby, Prince William, have been in the public eye as the “it” couple that fairy tales are made of for a decade now. The royal prince who fell in love with the commoner and picked her to be his duchess, is a tale that, let’s face it, is right out of the ancient fables that have been told for generations. Now, the royal couple, Will and Kate, have actually been made the subject of a tale of fiction in an apparently “delightful page-turner” entitled The Royal We.

Metro News shares that the lengthy novel was the work of avid bloggers and who are the faces behind the well-known blog Go Fug Yourself. Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan have done a noteworthy job in detailing the romance of Will and Kate while morphing the real into fiction by changing names and situation of the characters. In The Royal We, Kate is an American exchange student called Rebecca. She finds herself falling for Prince Nicholas during her time as a student at Oxford. Nicolas is heir to the British throne and can be assumed to have the same gentlemanly qualities of the true prince himself.

Grand Central Publishing signed on Cocks and Morgan for this Will and Kate-based project that began as a light and frivolous discussion and was released as a full-length novel in April. The girls behind the tale describe how the novel came about. Morgan indicates that the first legitimate details for the novel were laid out in a chat with the girls’ Los Angeles-based agent.

“At the time we were just shooting the breeze talking about Kate Middleton. She makes everything look very easy, but we were saying that the reality can’t be easy. It must be very difficult to live in that bright a spotlight.We started talking about how surreal it must have been for her to go from being a wealthy person — but a very regular middle-class, civilian girl — to being married to Prince William and what that transition must have been like for her.”

The tale does not, however, detail the expanded family that has recently welcomed one more, that being Princess Charlotte. The fairy tale is one that focuses merely on the pair’s love and courtship. Kate and Will’s reality is one that surpasses the subject of many romantic tales. They are in full parent-mode, as Yahoo Parenting reminds. Will and Kate are determined to raise their children “as normally as possible,” much like Will’s mother Diana vowed to do.

The Royal We is certainly a lovely tribute to the couple’s budding and blossoming romance.

[Feature image via IB Times]