Heinous Child Abuse Caught On Video: Dad Drags Son Through Street By Leash

Aric Mitchell

Child abuse is a depressing problem that targets far too many youngsters in far too many sadistic ways. One of the latest trends in this category is treating your children like dogs.

The Inquisitr previously reported on a woman who posted images of her baby on a leash eating dog food on Facebook, drawing outrage from many readers. Now a man in China has one-upped her.

The unnamed individual was reportedly angry with his 10-year-old son for playing outside when he should have been studying. To teach the boy a lesson, he fastened a leash around his neck and dragged the child through streets in the Zhejiang province.

In the 45-second video below -- originally from the Daily Mail -- the father can be seen pulling his son out of a vehicle with the leash already attached.

The boy appears to resist until finally his dad jerks on the leash causing the boy to almost go limp. From there, he drags him about 300 feet before the two disappear into a shop.

It's disturbing footage, which you can see for yourself here.

He later admitted to losing his temper and saw where the action could be construed as child abuse, but his anger got the better of him.

None of the reports going around the internet at this time have been able to confirm whether the father will face charges for the public display.

In the Facebook "baby on a leash" case mentioned above, Filipino authorities were able to locate the mother, who has been described as "demented."

The child in that case was 18-months-old and relocated to the country's Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The mom will be forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation before authorities hand the child back over to her.

As for the Chinese man in the video above, the Mirror reports that he used a rope as the leash, making the force with which he drags the young man especially painful.

What do you think about cases like this, readers? Should instances of child abuse, such as these, result in the permanent removal of a child from the responsible parent's care, or would the child be better off staying connected to mom or dad, provided the appropriate medical help is sought? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

[Image via Mirror U.K., linked above]