Man Proposes To His Girlfriend In The Middle Of His Friend’s Wedding – Photo Goes Viral As Internet Shames Him

A man has drawn the ire of millions of internet users owing to his wedding proposal to his girlfriend while attending a wedding.

A man, whose identity is yet to be known, has perhaps managed to upset any and all future brides who would surely dread such a moment when their thunder is stolen by another couple. The photo of the rather inconsiderate act has already been viewed more than 1.4 million times on Reddit and has been the bane of all the commenters.

What seems to have upset netizens is the sheer audacity of the man to propose to his girlfriend right before the newly married couple. The photo shows him kneeling down, a ring in hand, proposing to his girlfriend, while the just married couple sits, helplessly feigning a smile.

Here are a few of the comments.

“Her smiles says ‘congratulations,’ her eyes say ‘that b**ch.’”

“The bride is doing a really good job of hiding her murder,”

“Her smile pretends to be happy for them, but her eyes betray her true feelings.”

The soon-to-be-married girl is seen covering her mouth in shock and awe, but she may be the only one utterly pleased with what is happening. Fortunately, the image doesn’t include the parents of the bride and groom who had probably paid for the starry night that this couple totally hijacked.

The bride and groom can be clearly seen in the backdrop, their faces plastered with smiles at the sight of another couple stealing their thunder. Many felt the man in a blue shirt should have subsequently knelt on both knees to apologize for his act and begged for forgiveness for stealing the moment that strictly belonged to the newlyweds.

Quite a few dismissed the act as a spur-of-the-moment thing. They argued that the man might have been overcome with emotion, as people tend to do at weddings and ended up proposing his girlfriend. However, others pointed out that the man had come prepared. He had a ring and must have assumed it was a great way to propose.

Apparently many feel it’s OK to take advantage of a function like a wedding to further their own personal agenda, said another commenter, who along with his buddies, halted a similar faux pas.

“Was just at a wedding this past Friday my buddy was about to propose to his girlfriend. Myself and two other people got into an argument with him about how this is the wrong place at the wrong time. We managed to stop him but he’s pissed at us for it.”

[Image Credit |Imgur]