Delta Pilot Orders Pizza For Angry Customers During Delayed Flight

A Delta pilot orders pizza during a delayed flight and calms angry customers.

The 2 p.m. flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta had been diverted to Knoxville airport in Tennessee after they experienced bad weather in Georgia.

“We circled in the air for a while (and) then the captain said we were diverting to Knoxville because of storms over the airport in Atlanta,” Khoury Ashooh, a passenger on the plane, told the Daily Mail.

The passengers grew increasingly frustrated, so the pilot decided to do something about it. What is the solution for a plane full of upset passengers? Easy… it’s pizza!

According to a series of passenger’s tweets, the pizza did the trick and kept them satisfied until they arrived in Atlanta at approximately 7 p.m., three hours later than expected.

“We are sitting on a runway stuck on a @Delta flight because of weather. So they’re throwing us a pizza party!” Riley Vasquez tweeted. He later added a series of photos of the “pizza party.”

“Delta continues with class. Stuck due to weather and the crew ordered everyone pizza. #deltaairlines,” added Bill Wittenmyer.

According to CNN, Daniel Baker, head of, wrote an email applauding the airline for handling the potentially difficult situation. He also noted that Delta had 106 cancellations and 653 flight delays on Tuesday.

“A meal can go a long way to calming nerves, and it raises the observation that there were far fewer incidents of air rage when airlines gave out food and cocktails for free!” he said.

The flight to Atlanta wasn’t the only flight to receive free pizza during delays. Flights from Ohio, Illinois, and Mississippi also were treated to a pizza party.

@Delta Thanks for the pizza and drinks because of a delayed flight. Big ups! Sincerely, A loyal customer.

— Naitik Gada (@naitikgada) May 26, 2015

@Delta @deltaassist doing a great job with free pizza to make up 4 hour flight delay,

— Chris Greco (@ctgreco) May 23, 2015

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[Photo via Twitter/Riley Vasquez]