Man Bribes 12-Year-Old Into Trying On Crotchless Shorts And Rapes Her, Claims It Was Fashion Design

An Arkansas man has been arrested on one count of rape after he allegedly lured a 12-year-old girl into trying on a pair of crotchless shorts before raping her. The 40-year-old man, Charles Boone, is said to have altered a pair of shorts by cutting the crotch out of them. He then asked the young girl to try on the shorts in exchange for a cell phone. The girl says that Boone then began touching her inappropriately, despite telling him to stop.

KNWA reports that 40-year-old Charles Boone from West Fork, Arkansas, was arrested and now faces charges of rape after he promised to give a 12-year-old girl a cell phone if she tried on a pair of shorts he altered. The shorts had the crotch cut out of them. The girl says that she agreed to put on the shorts for the cell phone and that once she had the shorts on, Boone began to touch her inappropriately. The girl says she told him to stop, but he continued.

When police questioned Charles Boone about the incident, he told them that it was all a misunderstanding. Boone claims that he is planning to open a clothing alteration business and that he had altered the shorts in question into riding chaps, hence the absence of a crotch. However, police weren’t buying the story and promptly arrested Boone, who is being held on a charge of rape.

At least one comment on the case noted that Boone is no fashion designer.

“Tommy Hilfiger he ain’t.”

What do you think about Charles Boone’s comments that he is a budding fashion designer through clothing alteration?

[Image Credit: Mugshot]