Authorities Warned Mother That Scott Jurewicz Was Suspect In Murder Investigation, Now She Grieves For Her Own Baby

A murder investigation led to the arrest of Scott Jurewicz after his ex-girlfriend’s 18-month-old baby died, Inquisitr reported earlier. The day before he was arrested in connection with that murder investigation, a second baby died. The second baby was 21-months-old. Disturbing new information has been revealed about the circumstances leading to the second baby’s death.

Reports claim that, like the first child, the second baby also died while living with Scott Jurewicz. Two women found themselves romantically involved with Jurewicz, and both of them are now grieving for their babies. In fact, the 21-month-old baby was found dead just one day before Jurewicz was charged in the death of 18-month-old Brenden Hartranft. Like Brenden’s mother, the 21-month-old Summit Township baby’s mother was dating Jurewicz at the time of her son’s death.

Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka’s office said that the paperwork that delayed Scott’s arrest during the investigation into the death of the 18-month-old child was a critical medical report. While charges in the first murder investigation were looming, Jurewicz began his relationship with the second woman.

Approximately two months after his previous girlfriend’s baby died while reportedly in Jurewicz’s care, his most recent girlfriend’s baby was found unresponsive and was declared dead at the home, according to MLIVE.

Jackson County Sheriff’s detectives and others are currently investigating the death of the latest baby. Police have not released the names of the second baby yet. In the most recent investigation, the 21-month-old baby’s initial autopsy revealed injuries “consistent with blunt force trauma in multiple areas to the head,” according to a petition from the Michigan Department of Human Services. That petition is reportedly to terminate parental rights of the unnamed mother. She has another son who survives and is three-years-old.

According to court documents, DHS reportedly wishes to remove the mother’s parental rights, because she was warned by authorities about the Jurewicz murder investigation while her youngest son was still alive. Though the mother of the toddler that died last week allegedly knew that Jurewicz was the prime suspect in the murder investigation involving his previous girlfriend’s toddler, she allegedly told authorities that she was comfortable leaving her sons with him when she ran errands. On another day, Blackman-Leoni Township public safety Detective Joseph Merritt warned Jurewicz’s most recent girlfriend that he “would not leave his children alone with Scott Jurewicz.”

Merritt allegedly told the woman this on the day Jurewicz was arrested for violating a personal protection order that had been issued against him to protect his former girlfriend, the 18-month-old baby’s grieving mother. CPS reportedly told the mother of the second toddler that if anything happened to her sons while Jurewicz was around them, she could be held responsible, because she was warned of the earlier murder investigation against her boyfriend. She allegedly did not heed their warnings, according to authorities, and instead believed that Jurewicz had been set up in the case of the first baby’s death.

One couple, Chere and J.D. Pepper, told WLNS that they are the grandparents of the toddler at the center of the newer investigation. They say that they believe that Jurewicz is responsible for their grandson’s death. That story named both the baby and his mother. The Pepper’s claim that their grandson’s mother was living with Jurewicz when her baby died, but police have not officially named suspects in the current investigation.

Jurewicz moved in with his previous girlfriend in February after meeting through an online dating site in December. Hartranft told the Jackson Citizen Patriot that her 18-month-old son was injured March 14, while Jurewicz was putting him to sleep. In an interview with police, Jurewicz admitted shaking the child and said he “set him down harder than he should have” when the boy was crying, according to a separate MLIVE report. The toddler died three days later at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.

Jurewicz and his most recent girlfriend began dating in mid-April, reports claim. Her 21-month-old son died about one month later, on May 21. Reportedly, Jurewicz remains a possible murder suspect in the investigation into the 21-month-old’s death, according to reports, but no charges have been brought up against him in association with that case at this time.

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