Teen Sensation Zendaya Releases New Track ‘Neverland,’ And The Whole World Is Buzzing [Video]

Is there anything teen sensation Zendaya can’t do? If you answered anything other than “no,” you may need to question your sanity. This week, Zendaya released the song “Neverland,” which is part of the Broadway soundtrack to Finding Neverland. Finding Neverland is based off of the life of J.M. Barrie.

“Finding Neverland follows the story of author J.M. Barrie and his relationship with the family of widow Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, who eventually became Barrie’s inspiration to write Peter Pan. The musical explores the power of imagination to open up new worlds, and the pressures put upon those worlds by the inevitability of growing up.”

The soundtrack to Finding Neverland reads as a Who’s Who when it comes to artists contributing. The Voice judge Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, and Trey Songz were announced on May 4. They joined artists John Legend, Rita Ora, Nick Jonas, and Matthew Morrison. The same day Zendaya was announced as part of the soundtrack, the first song, “Stronger,” was released, and sung by Keisza.

Despite the names attached to this project, one would be hard-pressed to find a song on the album that can measure up to “Neverland.” Zendaya again proves that she is comfortable with any type of song that is placed in front of her. “Neverland” is heaping praises from fans and critics alike.

Seventeen Magazine said it best when talking about the teenage star and her new song.

“Everything Zendaya touches turns into pure flawlessness, from her guest appearance in Taylor Swift’s game-changing ‘Bad Blood’ music video to her unbelievable ability to make a graduation robe look gorgeous.”

“Neverland” caps off a busy few months for the teen sensation. As previously mentioned, she is a featured guest in Taylor Swift’s new “Bad Blood.” She hosted the Radio Disney Music Awards. She has a hit show in K.C. Undercover that is currently on the Disney Channel. All of this while portraying a down-to-earth, easy-to-like young lady, which is a stretch for some of Disney’s past up-and-comers.

There is no doubt that Zendaya has star power, and she has yet to fail in anything that she has set her mind to. This includes a second place performance in Dancing with the Stars in 2013 at the age of 16. She can sing. She can dance. She can act. It makes you wonder if there is anything this teen sensation can’t do.

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