Teenage Girl Beaten By Angry Mob Then Burned Alive, Graphic Video Recorded After Attempted Taxi Robbery Resulting In Dead Driver

A 16-year-old teenage girl met a tragic end in Guatemala after she took part in the robbery of a 68-year-old taxi driver that ultimately resulted in the driver’s death. The young woman and two male accomplices ran from the scene of the crime, desperate to escape the growing angry mob that quickly formed. The teenage girl became separated from the two males and was cornered by the angry mob when they decided to take justice into their own hands and make an example of her.

During the incident, the young woman was helpless to escape the clutches of the angry mob. According to the Mirror, police attempted to intervene but the mob of people would not allow them to save the girl. They were blocked by the mob and the countless number of bystanders who gathered to watch the brutal scene.

The video shows her bleeding profusely, according to the New Indian Express, as she attempts to escape the mob on several occasions, only to be pushed to the ground to be subjected to more beatings until she is doused with a flammable substance and lit afire. The young girl was one-third of a gang responsible for killing a beloved 68-year-old taxi driver and robbing him. The angry mob rose up against the gang, letting them know that their tactics would not be tolerated in the Guatemalan village.

The capture and beating of the girl were caught on video, documenting the vicious attack. The recording continues for over four minutes, two of which show her brutal beating as she attempts to escape, visibly frightened for her life. The remainder of the video shows her being set on fire, burning helplessly inside the circling mob until her last breath is taken. The video was uploaded onto YouTube but was taken down. However, it remained on Live Leak (Warning: This link contains graphic footage).

The video shows that the mob responsible for the teenage girl’s death went to unnecessary extremes to prove their point, whereas turning her over to the police would have been a more humanitarian choice. The young girl has not been publicly identified, and her two male accomplices have not been captured at this time. It is suspected that they may have left the village for fear of also being captured by the mob and subjected to the same fate.


[Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock]