‘Little Couple’ Spoilers: ‘Fresh Look’ Added To Schedule, New Season Premiere Just Days Away

TLC’s The Little Couple is set to debut a new season and fans can’t wait to catch up with Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will and Zoey. A “Fresh Look” at the family and show airs Friday night on the network, which seemingly comes as a quick change-out by the network in the midst of the 19 Kids and Counting scandal over molestation allegations and Josh Duggar’s apology that came out on Thursday. What can fans expect from Jen, Bill and the kids this season?

While TLC is airing a “First Look” episode Friday night, the real fun begins with the new season premiere on Tuesday, May 26. TV Guide teases that the new season will pick up six weeks after Bill Klein’s back surgery, which is what fans saw as last season ended. Viewers will see the Little Couple family head to New York for a check-up for Bill. The family will also head to Houston’s NASA Space Center for a visit and it seems the kids have a blast.

The extended preview for the new season teases plenty of fun family time for Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey. There will be dance lessons and birthday parties, even though there will also be struggles as Bill recovers from his surgery. It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for the family, with the two adoptions, Jen’s cancer and Bill’s surgery. They indicate that now things are different and from the sounds of things, life will be feeling a bit more normal this season.

Fans will definitely not want to miss the “First Look” at the new season slated to air on Friday, May 22. As Zap2It notes, originally it seems a 19 Kids and Counting marathon was slated to air throughout the day and evening Friday again after a marathon on Thursday. However, after Thursday’s disclosures from the Duggar family and the outrage by the public, it would seem that the network has quietly rearranged their schedule.

According to TMZ, TLC has pulled 19 Kids off the schedule entirely for now. However, sources indicate that no long-term decisions regarding the Duggar family show have been made. Many would say that they’d love to see much more of The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, with Will and Zoey, and some of the other positive family-centered shows currently on the network and much less at this point of the Duggars. Will fans get their wish? For now everybody will have to stay tuned.

Tune in to The Little Couple first look and sneak peeks airing on TLC on Friday, May 22 then check out the season premiere on Tuesday, May 26. Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein also have a book coming out the same day as their premiere and fans can’t wait to catch up with the family.

[Image via The Hollywood Gossip]