‘Little Couple’ Premiere Date Announced: When Do Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, And Zoey Return To TLC?

TLC has finally announced when new episodes of The Little Couple starring Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey will begin again. The last set of episodes seemed to fly by way too quickly for fans, and everybody has been anxiously waiting for news on the show’s return. When do things kick off again?

The show’s Facebook page shares the first sneak peek and reveals that new Little Couple episodes begin again on Tuesday, May 26. The last that viewers saw, Bill Klein had just gone through a difficult back surgery and his recovery was challenging. However, now it looks as if he’s feeling pretty good, and the family is embracing some healthy and happy days.

After a difficult year or so that involved Jen Arnold’s cancer diagnosis, back surgery for Bill, and the adoption of Zoey along with her adjustment, the family now gets to fully experience the simple and happy moments. The new Little Couple spoiler sneak peek shows Will celebrating his fifth birthday, Zoey taking dance lessons, and many fun family activities.

As People shares, Bill is still working through his recovery as the new episodes begin. Bill faced a tough battle after this surgery, but he makes it clear he’ll do whatever it takes to regain his mobility and strength for his family. He’s had to make modifications and adjustments, and push through a lot of physical therapy, but it seems he’s doing pretty well now.

The previews also shows how Zoey and Will get some new opportunities now that life has settled down just a bit for the family. Not only does Zoey start ballet, but Will gets to try out karate.

There are cooking moments between Jen and the kids, as well as chances to play with remote-control cars for Bill, Will, and Zoey. Life is never dull for this family, and it looks like they’re making the most out of these days they have with the kids still being little.

Bill notes that they have a lot to be happy about, and fans are thrilled that they’ve hit a place now where they can fully embrace that. Viewers love Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey and are constantly inspired by the positivity they embrace.

The Little Couple is back with new episodes beginning Tuesday, May 26 on TLC. That also happens to be the day their new book, Life Is Short (No Pun Intended) is released, and fans cannot wait to check it all out.

[Photo by Brian Bowen Smith/TLC]