Kentucky Couple Dies In Backseat Of Car While Having Intercourse After Carbon Monoxide Seeps In

A Kentucky couple died last week in the backseat of their running car while having sex in the early morning hours. The Mirror reports that the pair died of an apparent monoxide poisoning as it seeped in from a rusty exhaust pipe.

On the morning of May 13, Kevin Long discovered his brother, David Long, 31, and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Violet Iles of Glencoe, Kentucky motionless in their sedan at 6:40 a.m. as he walked his children to a nearby bus stop.

Kevin immediately pulled him out of the vehicle while simultaneously calling paramedics for help.

“I pulled him out and I tried to do CPR on him, and the paramedics tried to talk me through it over the phone.”

Paramedics gave Kevin CPR directions over the phone, but his attempts were unsuccessful. Iles and Long were both pronounced dead at the scene upon police arrival.

After an investigation was launched, it was later concluded that the couple had died from monoxide poisoning. When they pulled over in a secluded area near their home, they had left the car running with the windows rolled up for approximately 90 minutes, with the heater on.

The odorless gas seeped in the through the rusty exhaust pipe, killing them slowly without their knowledge.

Investigators believe the couple pulled over to have sex in the car, but the county sheriff believes otherwise. He told reporters at NY Daily News that he believes the couple had fallen asleep, and they had died while they were sleeping, not while having sex.

Police officials are awaiting toxicology reports to uncover if the Kentucky couple had any drugs in their system, which would most likely explain why they were parked in a secluded area at a peculiar time.

Illes and Long were both parents, but documents show that the couple did not share any children together. Ill leaves behind two small boys, ages four and six, while Long leaves behind one daughter.

Both families of the couple have set up a Go Fund Me page to help with their funeral costs.

Kentucky police says this case should remind people not to roll their windows up while the car is running for a long period of time.

The investigation is ongoing.

[Image courtesy of Daniel Shirley/Getty Images]