Walt Disney World Rumors: Is Cars Land Coming To Disney's Hollywood Studios? -- Not So Fast

Walt Disney World is a place that is huge on rumors and, often times, they end up being nothing more than just that -- rumors. Well, there's one that has been around for a few years now, and has all of a sudden picked up steam yet again. The rumor is that Cars Land is making its way to Florida and going into Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Not so fast.

Cars Land opened up in summer of 2012 at Disney California Adventure, and was an instant hit for all visitors. Based on the Cars movie franchise from Pixar and Disney, the area includes different rides, and the extremely popular Radiator Springs Racers attraction.

Since then, many have wondered if it would be duplicated somewhere at Walt Disney World. Usually, as quickly as the rumors spring up, they are debunked. Now, it's back again.

According to the Facebook page for Dad's Guide to WDW, this is happening:

"BREAKING: It is being reported by Imagineers that Cars Land will be coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World!

Permits and blueprints are supposedly finished–this project's construction is most likely going to begin in the 'Backlot' area of the park this Fall."

With this reported "breaking" news, it deserved some looking into. Upon checking around, a very reliable source within the WDWMagic forums touched on the subject. The poster is well-known for being extremely accurate on reporting of Walt Disney World permit filings, and this is what he had to say.

cars land disney world rumors debunk

The Inquisitr has a few Disney sources of their own, and they looked into the subject with one very close to the happenings at Disney's Hollywood Studios park. Upon asking about the news, the source answered simply.

"HA! Not happening!"
Upon asking for a little bit further clarification, the source detailed a little bit of what Walt Disney World has planned in the immediate future.
"Only permits out there are for the already announced Toy Story Mania expansion and the Flex Space between Tower of Terror and Rock 'N' Roller Coaster.

We are VERY mindful of when permits are filed. Whenever possible, announcements come just before."

The permits filed for Toy Story Mania and the Flex Space have actually been publicly announced by Disney themselves. Those permits were filed, and official Disney announcements came a short time afterward.

In the past two years, a number of attractions have closed at Disney's Hollywood Studios, including the Studio Backlot Tour, The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, and the American Idol Experience. There are a lot of new things coming to the park in the future, and that includes a possible "increased Star Wars presence."

Now, this is not to say that Cars Land or something similar won't ever happen at Disney's Hollywood Studios or Walt Disney World at all. With Disney, it's really just that anything can change until they officially announce it to the public.

Even then, it's not always 100 percent set in stone. For now, consider Cars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios a pure rumor, and all fans can do is wait and see what Walt Disney World brings to them next.

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