Want To Own A Walt Disney World Monorail? – There’s One For Sale On eBay

The iconic Walt Disney World Monorail is the elevated train that can take you almost straight to the front doors of Magic Kingdom, and then back to your car at the end of the night. People from around the globe love to ride in them, but have you ever thought of owning one? Well, now you can because there’s an eBay auction selling one.

That’s right, a seller by the name of “superdupertoylover” is selling a portion of an original Walt Disney World Monorail Mark IV Red. So far, it’s gaining a lot of views and watches, but there were no bids as of Friday afternoon.

Not having a single bid yet isn’t totally unexpected since it opens at $160,000. You can check out the auction on eBay for the Disney World Monorail and see if you’d like to take a shot at it.

Currently, there are 12 Mark VI Monorails that run on different days at Walt Disney World. They transport an average of 150,000 guests per day to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and a few different resorts on property.

As Yahoo pointed out, the Mark IV Monorails began running the rails on Walt Disney World’s opening day in 1971. Only two lines were in operation at the time, and they have since expanded to three tracks with an Epcot beam.

disney world monorail auction

As per the eBay seller, the original price for the Monorails was $6,000,000 so this may be considered a bit of a steal. Obviously, it’s not brand new, but it is said to be entirely intact with original wheels, interior, and front cab.

There are even some ideas thrown around for those that may not know what to do with their very own Disney Monorail.

“Some people have train cars in their back yard, imagine your own monorail guest room, or man cave. Mount it on a bus chassis and drive it around!! Turn it into your kids ultimate clubhouse. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a very serious piece of Disney history.”

If you don’t have the $160,000 starting bid price or the $215,000 Buy It Now price, then you could possibly get it another way. The seller is “open to trade offers” and thinks it could turn into and incredible deal for someone.

Should you win the auction, the Monorail comes with a full-size drop deck trailer so you can haul your prize anywhere in the United States you need to go.

Are you a huge Disney fan? Well, you’d certainly have to be if you wanted to possess your very own Walt Disney World Monorail train. The only one to reportedly ever go into public ownership is up for grabs, and it’s something that could be sitting in your backyard before you know it.

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