Permits Filed By Disney Reveal Details And Much More Coming To Epcot With Frozen Attraction

It appears now that there will be a lot more Arendelle coming to Epcot as the Norway pavilion ends up getting a huge makeover, and that means more than just a Frozen-themed ride. Permits have been filed by Disney to do a whole lot of work in the World Showcase area and that includes a brand new building for a Frozen meet-and-greet.

Permits were filed with the South Florida Water Management District office per Stitch Kingdom, and they are for a project called “Frozen Meet and Greet Building.” This new building will be going into the open area between the Mexico and Norway pavilions.

Disney Epcot Frozen

As you can see, there is a huge backstage area there behind the trees that has storage containers and a few portable buildings. It’s more than an acre of land and it will bring forth a building that is approximately 13,000 square feet.

“[The building} will house a Disney guest attraction and a women’s restroom.”

A new 2,000 square foot “modular type” building will also go into place to replace one that will be torn down. There will be a couple of backstage parking lots for Cast Member use that will have 18 spots.

It was announced back in September that the Maelstrom attraction in Norway would be closing and a Frozen attraction would take its place. That ride is scheduled to open sometime in 2016, but no exact date has yet been set.

WFTV does state that the new building will not connect with the Norway pavilion buildings. It is thought that this area could be deemed Arendelle – the fictional country in Frozen – but that has not been confirmed or announced.

Disney Epcot Frozen

This could bring forth a new “country” to World Showcase that many have been talking about and expecting for so long.

Changes will also be coming to the existing restroom in the Norway building, and there will be new “sidewalks and planters” too.

These changes could end up bringing about very mixed feelings from Disney fans. Some are happy with whatever the company brings out, and they love Frozen as most children do. Others believe that there is far too much Frozen already in the Disney Parks and more isn’t needed.

Disney filing these permits means that Norway, and the area next to it, at Epcot will indeed get more Frozen, including the return of Anna and Elsa. This will surely cut down on the lines to meet the sisters at Magic Kingdom, but it may draw the ire of some hardcore Disney fans.

[Images via Stitch Kingdom]

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