Little Boy Adorably Can’t Stop Dancing To ‘Frozen’ Doll That Plays ‘Let It Go’

By now, many people may be tired of Disney’s Frozen and don’t want to hear “Let It Go” for the 600th time. There are those rare moments that makes the repetition quote tolerable, and this little boy adorably dancing to the music from a Frozen doll is one of those moments.

As People showed, the video is now starting to make the rounds, and it shows a sweet and cute little boy checking out an Elsa doll. She is speaking to him and he’s staring right into her face and playing with her hands.

And that is when the magic happens.

Once Elsa belts out into the chorus of “Let It Go,” he immediately — and adorably — throws his hands into the air and begins dancing around. He busts some pretty good moves as he struts around the room and shakes his footie-pajama-covered bottom.

As soon as the doll stops singing though, his ire is raised and he heads right back over to Elsa and wonders why she clammed up.

All it takes is his sister pressing the button on the Frozen doll, as Sun-Gazing points out, and that makes her sing again. He immediately heads to his spot in the room and leaves no dance move untouched while his parents laugh hysterically.

“Oh my God,” his dad laughingly exclaims.

The blond baby boy bounces around the room and shows that the “cold doesn’t bother him anyway” as Elsa’s song gets him in the dancing mood. It kind of makes you wonder how long he did it even though the video lasts a full three minutes.

Joe Bereta, his father simply tweeted out to the world that his son is a fan of the Disney hit film.

Disney’s Frozen has taken the world by storm, as it has made a ton of money and will spawn a new animated short this spring along with an attraction at Walt Disney World in 2016. The world is split though as some can’t get enough of the film and its award-winning music, while others have had enough.

A family out in Texas got into the Christmas spirit with their house lights and syncing them up to Idina Menzel’s hit “Let It Go.” It’s a pop culture phenomenon and it seems as if it is going to be around for a long time to come.

The baby boy dancing to the Frozen doll is not the first in a long line of things that have spawned from the film, but honestly, he may be the cutest.

[Image via YouTube]

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