The Fight To End Abusive ‘Treatment’ Of Autism With Bleach (Often Called ‘MMS’ Or ‘CD’)

Parents across the globe are fighting to end the abusive treatment of autism and autism-related behaviors with a substance known as CD Autism, MMS (Master Mineral Solution), or, to those who recognize the substance for what it actually is, diluted bleach. The so-called “treatment” is primarily pushed by Kerri Rivera, of CD Autism, but the pushback against the abusive treatment is growing, with parents, researchers, and people on the autism spectrum all speaking up and calling for a ban of the practice, and for intervention to prevent Rivera from promoting it further.

CD Autism‘s tag line is as follows.

“Autism: Preventable. Treatable. Curable.”

The site explains how: with Master Mineral Solution, which CD Autism claims is not bleach — but admits it is used as a bleaching agent in industrial practice. Here’s how it recommends parents begin.

“You can start off on Day 1 making an 8oz Baby Bottle with one activated drop, apply one ounce 8 times a day, this way you will get into the habit of the minimum of 8 doses right from the first day.”

Let’s be clear — this is bleach. This is chlorine dioxide. This is a website instructing you to feed your baby bleach.

What else does she recommend? Bleach enemas for constipation, bleach in the ears, bleach in the eyes, bleach in the nose. She explains that diarrhea is normal, and that it’s normal to see black and white specks — she says the white specks are eggs, though she doesn’t say eggs of just what — in your child’s stool. She claims the black specks are metals. Yes — normal for your child to poop black and white specks.

Oh — and, addressing her claims, what exactly is autism, according to Kerri? Not a broad spectrum of complex disorders of brain development, as the medical world defines it. Instead, in her world, autism is as follows.

“We know that autism is made up of:
• Virus
• Bacteria
• Parasites
• Yeast
• Heavy Metals
• Inflammation
• Food allergies”

(Science disagrees. The Autism Science Foundation says it’s a spectrum of developmental disorders that affect social interaction and communication, and that the cause hasn’t been fully determined but that current science points to genetic causes.)

The FDA has warned consumers to avoid this, and several other so-called treatments for autism.

“FDA has received reports of consumers who say they experienced nausea, severe vomiting and life-threatening low blood pressure after drinking the MMS and citrus juice mixture.”

Here’s the good news: there are a lot of people fighting against this abuse, and you can be one of them.

First, there’s Ban CD/MMS — the authors of this site have taken the time to go through Rivera’s book on treatment of autism, and pick apart all the pseudoscience, chapter by chapter. If you’re looking for a quick refutation to a specific claim from a loved one who is considering this abusive treatment, you’ll find it here.

Fiona Leary, of Autistic Rights Together, published a piece in the Irish Examiner recently, calling for an end to the normalization of CD/MMS as a treatment for autism by doctors and others, and for government officials to move to ban the practice.

On her organization’s website, you can see a frightening image that a CD/MMS-using parent posted — the parent calls it an intestinal worm from which their child has been rescued through the use of CD/MME, but it bears more resemblance to a piece of intestine or intestinal lining. Just The Vax identifies the substance as intestinal mucosa.

Another effort to end the propagation of this treatment is a current petition asking Amazon to pull the e-book from their online shop, in hopes that without the (free) e-book, fewer parents will attempt this abusive treatment.

You can also add your name to these petitions from Ban CD/MMS: one is aimed at the Irish government, and one at the U.S. government. Both call for legislation and action to end these practices.

You can also directly contact your representatives and ask them to work to put a stop to this abusive treatment of autism-related symptoms and behaviors — contact information for U.S. Senators, Representatives, and the White House is here.

[Photo by: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]