Eric Sheppard Challenge Prompts Patriotic Quest By Arizona Man

The Eric Sheppard Challenge prompted an Arizona man to issue his own challenge, a patriotic one, in response to the American Flag stomping being conducted in support of the Georgia college student. The American Flag Challenge video created in a response to videos created by supporters of Sheppard quickly garnered overwhelming support by residents from coast-to-coast.

Bryce Wagoner, a Duncan, Arizona resident said that he grew tired of the disrespect for the American Flag he has seen on the internet and social media. Wagoner challenged all Americans to get a flag, if they don’t have one already, and fly it proudly to counteract the Eric Sheppard Challenge.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Eric Sheppard Challenge began as a social media trend, which encouraged people to stomp on the American Flag. Viral videos of individuals from across the country standing and stomping on the flag outraged veterans, members of the military, and patriotic Americans from across the country.

Eric Sheppard disappeared from the Valdosta campus in early May as a search by Georgia police on a gun charge was initiated. Sheppard reportedly “self-identifies” as a “terrorist against white people.” Valdosta college officials cancelled classes and ordered all non-essential staffers off campus in later April due to concerns that Sheppard, who was deemed “armed and dangerous,” would appear on the grounds.

Sheppard said that the American flag represents “things that were erected alongside our genocide and our holocaust.”

“That flag represents white supremacy racism which is plaguing the entire earth, so when we step on that flag we are stepping on racism, white supremacy,” Sheppard said in a video that went viral after his disappearance.

Stomping on the American Flag during the Eric Sheppard Challenge is an exercise in free speech and protected by law. The legality of the flag stomping videos is not in dispute; the motivation for such an act is largely what veterans and patriots find disgusting, disturbing, and incredibly disrespectful.

“You might as well stomp on my heart and stomp me into a mud puddle,” Bryce Wagoner said when detailing how he felt after watching the Eric Sheppard Challenge video and witnessing the American Flag being stomped upon.

“I challenge everybody I know to go get a flag and put it in your front lawn or your front yard and display it proudly,” Wagoner said is his own now viral video. Wagoner’s American Flag Challenge video has been viewed by more than three million people to date. Soldiers and police officers from around the county have reached out to the Arizona resident to share their gratitude for his efforts.

“My thumbs are shining from messaging people back, and I try to get back them. It’s just definitely humbling to see people that have served and done so much and then they come hit you up. It’s like that was what it’s all about,” Bryce Wagoner said. “This has nothing to do about me and Theo the cat, but more of just getting your flag put up. That’s going to be the biggest thing. Just go out and put a flag up, show you’re still proud to be an American,” said Wagoner.

Bryce Wagoner said his ultimate goal is to drive down the street and see the American flag proudly waving from each and every single home.

What do you think about the Eric Sheppard Challenge and the Bryce Wagoner call to action to restore dignity to the American Flag nationwide?