Teen Can Lick Eyeball And You Can’t: Adrianne Lewis Has World’s Longest Tongue?

One Michigan teen has a rare talent: she can lick her own eyeball. And that’s just half of this odd news story for this Michigan teenager. Adrianne Lewis believes her 4-inch tongue is the longest in the world, and wants the Guinness Book of World Records to take notice, citing a People report.

Lewis, 18, hails from the Muskegon-area of her state. Perhaps, you’ve seen her and already are one of many subscribers. The spunky teenager is hard at work trying to reach another milestone in her life — as if turning the big 1-8 is not enough. On her YouTube About page, the teen typically begins by telling viewers what she is going to try with her tongue besides being able to lick her eyeball with it. Her videos have gone viral.

“Hey guys, I’m Adrianne! I have one of the longest tongues in America… and hopefully, with the help of Guinness World Records, I will officially have THE longest. I am in the book, Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Download the Weird. Page 103. I’m trying to make it big, so subscribe to meh(:”

She’s not the only person on the internet claiming to have the longest fleshy mouth organ in the world. Others are quite impressive, another lot of them are simply attempts at parody. Nevertheless, Lewis appears to be the only one who is focused on a campaign to be recognized globally for her serpent-like anatomy.

The teen says genetics is behind her ability to lick her eyeball; several family members have long tongues. However, none of them can lay claim to having one that measures 4-inches in length.

Reportedly, Lewis is so serious that she’s applied to the Guinness Book committee three times, to no avail. It’s unclear why the organization allegedly has not accepted the eyeball-licking teen girl’s application.

Note: In an unrelated matter, the Inquisitr reported on an eye-licking craze in Japan that gained traction in 2013. This strange practice allegedly began from a scene in a video by the band, Born. However, doctors warned that Oculolinctus is hazardous to your health.

Supposedly, the Michigan girl’s tongue eclipses the world record by a tiny margin. The current number to beat is 3.97 inches. For now, the teen will continue entertaining friends, family and followers with an uncanny ability to lick her own eyeball.

[Photo via YouTube screenshot]