Pregnant Woman Lies To Ex-Boyfriend About Having An Abortion For Deceitful, ‘Profitable’ Reason

One woman is in hot water for a devious plan she devised to con her ex-boyfriend. Although she was pregnant with his child, she’d convinced him that she wasn’t ready for motherhood, so he supported her decision to have an abortion. The only problem is she never carried out the abortion, because she had other plans for the baby.

According to the Daily Mail, a 29-year-old mother is facing legal repercussions for lying about having an abortion so she could sell her newborn daughter to a gay male friend. It has been reported that she intended to sell the baby for approximately $470. While surrogacy is not illegal, this debacle definitely isn’t a typical case, although the mother later claimed she was a surrogate for her gay friend.

The problem is she intentionally deceived her ex by denying him rights to his own child. The surrogacy claim was reportedly an excuse to explain the birth of the child back in February of 2011. It has been reported that the woman and her gay friend orchestrated the elaborate plan and even took things a step further with more lies when her ex-lover began speculating.

Her gay friend also played a dominant role in the deceitful plot by intentionally lying about the baby’s paternity, insisting that he was the biological father. Then to make matters worse, the two also signed the baby’s birth certificate. The alleged scam lasted for nearly three years.

During the trial at Perth Sheriff Court, the woman reportedly tried to explain why her ex-boyfriend could not be the child’s father. She also recounted her alleged one-night-stand with her gay friend, insisting that their one sexual encounter led to the pregnancy.

“We just went out for his birthday and it happened… Maybe it shouldn’t have. Three or four weeks after his birthday my period was late and the test came back positive. He really wanted to bring her up and look after her. We found out it was a girl, so he had all the girl’s clothes sitting in the house.”

Although she insists the timeline justifies her claims, that’s not exactly the case, according to court documentation. Doctors confirmed that there was no way the child could have been conceived in April of that year based on the calculations. She must have conceived one month later than she alleged. After relentless questioning, she finally conceded, admitting she’d slept with both men, which raised the possibility of her ex-boyfriend being the child’s father, reports Life News. However, she still refutes his claims about them agreeing on the abortion. She also insists he did not give her money for the procedure.

“It’s definitely not true. I never received any money from him, ever. I can see what it looks like but it’s not true. I am being honest.”

The woman and her friend are now facing fraud charges.

[Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images]