Three College Students Are Behind Bars For Killing And Cooking Pet Dog

Puppy (not Marley), Photo By Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. Unfortunately, an unlucky canine had a cruel trio of owners who allegedly abused him, then decided to kill and cook him. Dholjit, Michael, and Romen are three college students who hail from different parts of Manipur, India. They rented a room in Krishnarajapuram, which is an educational hub. They were thought to have purchased the puppy, whom they named Marley, about six months ago, according to METRO.

Neighbors had seen the pup being mistreated and had warned the students against such abuse, according to India Today.

The sick individuals apparently tortured the little pup first. Neighbors heard the helpless puppy squeal and, when a neighbor knocked on the students’ door, received evasive answers. A neighbor, who became suspicious also of a foul odor emanating from the students’ room, looked into their kitchen. He saw a horrific, shocking sight of the skinned dog being roasted on the stove. Thinking quickly, he took pictures of the terrible sight with his Smartphone.

The complaint was lodged by their neighbor, Chandrashekar, who is an animal rights activist, and other members of the Animal Welfare Association, the police indicated, according to the Indian Express.

All three students have been charged with the killing or maiming of an animal of value under the Indian Penal Code. The police booked the students under IPC section 428 According to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, because the killing of dogs is illegal. They could face up to two years in jail.

What do you think of this penalty? Even if they receive the two-year maximum, is it sufficient in light of the torture and killing of a companion animal, who probably trusted them? Please leave your comments below.

Animal abuse is a crime in the United States as well. Recently, a family found the beheaded body of their beloved dog in their back yard. A King’s Mountain, North Carolina, 13-year-old deaf and blind beagle named Libby was in her own back yard when she was beheaded. The family had let their three dogs out into their fenced back yard as usual. Unfortunately, when they went to look for Libby in the 100 block of South Gaston Street in Kings Mountain, a friend of the family found just her lifeless corpse, with no head. Her head is still missing in this bizarre, sick case. What type of nasty individuals would do this is unknown, and the police department is seeking the public’s help to find who did this.

[Puppy (not Marley), Photo By Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]