Pamela Geller Could Face Capital Punishment For ‘Draw Muhammad’ Event, Muslim Cleric Says

Pamela Geller has been criticized by members of the radical Islam arm of the religion, as well as some liberal and conservative commentators for hosting a “Draw Muhammad” event. Many feel the event “provoked” two gunmen into launching an unsuccessful attack. The men were killed in the process.

Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary spoke to Sean Hannity and Geller in a recent interview on the Fox News program. Hannity began the show by confirming with Choudary that he believed the entire world should operate under Sharia Law.

Hannity also got Anjem to confirm that people should be killed for homosexuality and for apostasy (or renouncing the Muslim faith).

After that setup, the war of words between Choudary, Hannity, and Pamela Geller began.

“Let’s be absolutely clear. We’re not talking about Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. We’re talking about people who deliberately held a competition to insult the message of Muhammad … If you saw the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo drew, then you would understand the anger. And now this woman [Pamela Geller] wants to have people draw cartoons knowing full well that it carries the death penalty in Islam. So she’s asking people to attack.”

After that, Hannity restated Choudhry’s position of believing that insulting cartoons warrant capital punishment, trolling him with the follow up question, “Are you that frail in your faith?”

Choudary claimed it was not about him but about the law, but Hannity wasn’t having any of it.

“So you want her to die?” he asked.

“You know what,” responded Choudary. “She should be put before Sharia law and if found guilty, face capital punishment.”

“But she’s not a Muslim, Anjem,” said Hannity.

“It doesn’t matter, Sean. She should have thought about that before she held this competition.”

For Geller’s part, she wasn’t impressed with Islam’s authority over her and said that it comes with living in a pluralistic society.

Geller also said she found it interesting that canon and Jewish law pertained only to the people who believed, but Sharia law tries exercising its authority over everyone.

When Choudary talked about the “consequences” of her actions, Geller retorted, “There are no consequences. I live in America.”

She also felt that by hosting an event in which two radical Islamic terrorists were killed, she “actually saved lives.”

You can hear the entire exchange below, but a word of warning: it’s a Sean Hannity show, so that means it does, at multiple points, devolve into incoherent shouting.

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[Image via Newsmax]