Principal Caught With Student Arrested In Florida: Partially-Clothed Principal Busted In Car

Principal Caught With Student

The latest news on the arrest of a partially-clothed Florida principal who was caught in the back seat of a car with a student allegedly smoking marijuana is troubling. According to a Local10 news report, Krista Morton has a troubled past with another school. Although it is unrelated to the current charges, some question the principal’s fitness to be a school administrator.

Morton, 45, was arrested Wednesday after police busted her in a vehicle with one of her students from Mavericks High School in Palm Springs. Records show that prior to the arrest, someone had called authorities because they were concerned about suspected “sexual activity,” or the possibility of a crime taking place.

According to the Sun Sentinel, police responded to a parking lot by Lakeside Park. There, inside a car, they caught the principal with her blouse unbuttoned in such a way that it exposed her skin. She was with an unnamed male.

Initially, Morton said she picked up the young man alongside a roadway because she needed some companionship; apparently, she was “lonely.” Police soon caught the woman in a lie; the student said the woman was the principal at Mavericks.

In addition to catching the woman with the student, officers found drug paraphernalia inside the car, possibly related to pot. According to a previous Inquisitr report, the principal caught in the vehicle with the male student didn’t own up to possessing marijuana, but she did admit some had been smoked.

Both were arrested on possession. Morton was then suspended from her role with the school pending the result of an investigation and the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

In 2011, the Mavericks principal came under a veil of controversy at another Florida school district. Records show that Morton served as school administrator at Richard Millburn Academy in Manatee County. She led a charter school for at-risk students.

Officials alleged that the school was graduating students who fell short of requirements. Additionally, their report cards were withheld and some did not meet graduation requirements. There were also reports that teachers took part in irregular grade-change patterns. Nonetheless, one month after the investigation began, Morton left her position. It is unclear if she was fired or resigned.

Jim Pegg, the head of charter schools for Palm Beach County, spoke to reporters in wake of the principal being caught with the student.

“She made a stupid decision. Educators in the state of Florida are held to a higher standard than other employees across the state.”

Meanwhile, Marvin Pitts, the deputy superintendent for the Mavericks schools, will serve as the interim principal until Morton’s fate is determined.

[Photo via Local10 News]