New Poll Shows 67% Oppose Obamacare’s Individual Mandate

Obamacare proves unpopular, according to polls

While it might be a little late to come to the table, a new poll shows that a vast majority of Americans are no fan of Obamacare’s individual mandate, the legal requirement for every American to be covered by some form of health insurance. With Supreme Court rulings on the books, these polls show that most Americans want it tossed out.

The Supreme Court is preparing itself for open hearings on the constitutionality of Obama’s federal health care package in the coming weeks. As this is about to happen, the new poll shows that Americans oppose it 52% to 41%. An even higher percentage (the aforementioned 67%) take particular umbrage at the entire Affordable Care Act and want it thrown out. If they can’t get that, they at least want the individual mandate gone, which as stated, requires Americans to be covered by some form of health insurance.

The poll was run by ABC News and the Washington Post. The law has never found majority support, despite some reports. The most recent poll shows 70% of Americans saying they’ve heard mostly negative things about the law recently, and even amongst its supporters, 53% report hearing mostly bad buzz.

To be fair, some parts of the Obama health care package are popular; the new allowance to parents to cover their children for longer, for instance. But the negativity of the individual mandate defeats even all the good the law could do. On the other side of the issue, the poll found that 26% support the law entirely, as is, while 25% would additionally support it so long as the individual mandate goes kaput.

Do you support Obamacare or the individual mandate?