Zelfie: Zebra Selfie or Photobomb? Guy In Safari Park Gets Spectacular Images

In these days of selfies and photobombs, many animals are known to be getting into the act and posing for a photo. In this case, a guy was driving through Holte-Stukenbrock Zoo Safari Park in Germany when a friendly zebra stuck his head through the window and posed for a zelfie.

Malta Woestefeld, 24, was having fun at the safari park on April 18 this year, camera clutched in hand, but he never expected to get such spectacular close ups of a cheeky zebra.

Dubbing the photos “zelfies” for obvious reasons, he was astonished as the friendly animal stuck his head through the car window and posed so beautifully.

According to the Mirror Online, Malte explained how there was a herd of zebras wandering around the safari park, but this particular one seemed to be alone and was just waiting for him and his friends.

While as per the park’s regulations, they had the windows closed when approaching the rather more dangerous species, like lions, the zebras and antelopes seemed to be harmless and friendly creatures, so they opened a window for some air and to greet some the locals, and ended up by taking a zelfie or two.

“There was a big horde [sic] of zebras but this one was standing alone. It looked like it was waiting for us.”

“We had our windows closed the entire team [sic] because they also have lions and other dangerous animals and this is the regulation of the park that we respected.”

“However in this area were the pictures with the zebra and antelope took place, they had different areas which were separated from the other animals, we opened our window to say hi to the friendly zebra.”

This zebra #selfie has blown our minds #zoo #zebra #humpday @rexfeatures http://t.co/tzy448Xk3E pic.twitter.com/6CKWVfkYT3

— HuffPostUK Pictures (@HuffPostUKPics) April 29, 2015

As noted by Cosmopolitan, it turned out Malte very handily had a carrot in his backpack, and he decided to give it to the grateful and friendly zebra as a reward for posing so beautifully for a zelfie.

“The zebra was actually super cuddly and didn’t leave the window for a few minutes.”

As reported on the Inquisitr, there was recently an equally spectacular photobomb experience when a sperm whale got into the action in the Gulf of Mexico. The whole idea sure does seem to be catching on generally in the animal world.

[Image: Zebra close up CC BY-NC 2.0 Pim Stouten]