Meet Pancake The Two Legged Cat That Will Warm Your Heart [Video]

Cats have taken over the internet with their fluffiness, of course. However, one special cat may just be the cutest of the bunch. Pancake was born with a skeletal deformity that left her with no usable front legs. World, it is time for you to formally meet Pancake the two legged cat.

Deformities in animals is not uncommon. Recently, in India a calf was born with five months and ten lips.

As Huffington Post reports, Pancake’s birth defects means that she was born with no right leg and a left leg that is folded up and cannot be used for walking. The initial owners feared that the little kitten would not be able to overcome her physical deformities and were planning on putting the little girl to sleep. However, Megan Malone heard the story about the two legged cat from her sister and stepped in just in time. Megan adopted the kitten, which she named Pancake, hoping that the fluff ball will grow up to be a healthy and happy cat.

At first, progress was slow. For the first few weeks Pancake would just stay on one spot, not really trying to move. However, one day that all changed.

“She started standing up, she started to hop around, she started eating out of a bowl. That was a big step for her,” Malone said.

The little kitten became “very playful and really affectionate.” Finally, Malone could see that this two-legged cat could live a mostly normal life.

“She’s a normal little kitten. There’s nothing wrong with her as far as she’s concerned. Like any other cat, she wakes me up really early in the morning. She likes to be pet and cuddled.”

Though, Malone has taken special precautions for Pancake. Since the two legged kitty can’t move as well as normal cats, her owner has placed “landing pads” made out of towels around the hour for the 10-month-old to land on safely.

Veterinarians say that Pancake isn’t in any pain, but the kitten could develop back problems later in life. This is mainly due to the way Pancake has to get around: she walks or hops in a hunched over fashion.

Megan Malone has set Pancake up with her own Facebook page, which is quickly gaining fans. Soon, the whole of the internet will know of Pancake the two-legged cat.

[Photos via Facebook]