Israel Is Sending The Largest Aid Team When It Comes To Helping Victims Of The Nepal Earthquake

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, the country of Nepal experienced an earthquake, the most powerful in the country’s history. Reaching a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter Scale, it has caused both chaos and destruction. The Inquisitr made sure to report on the latest news pertaining to the Nepal earthquake, in which the latest is actually a miracle. After being buried in rubble for 22 hours, a 4-month old baby was found alive, and is now in stable condition.

The baby was saved thanks to the humanitarian actions of people both local and foreign. As a matter of fact, many foreign countries have responded in helping Nepal in their time of need. Yet, the one country receiving the most media attention is Israel, in which recent reports show they’ve provided the largest aid team out countries helping Nepal.

According to Times of Israel, Israel’s aid team to Nepal is reportedly the largest in manpower of any international aid mission. The Israel Defense Force (IDF) landed in the Kathmandu on Tuesday, April 28. Apparently, the IDF wasted no time as they set up an advanced, multi-department field hospital with 60 beds and 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies. The medical staff consisted of 122 doctors, nurses, and paramedics. Operations began the following day after landing in coordination with the local army hospital.

It should however be noted that, even though Israel is deploying the most people, they are not committing any money. The United States is providing the most funds for Nepal with $10 million. The United Kingdom is providing half of what the U.S. is committing but they are at least deploying more people.

Though Israel’s IDF is usually organized, Colonel Yarom Laredo, IDF spokesperson, said they opened later than expected because Tuesday was not their expected arrival time, as reported by LiveLeak. Cancelled flights are to blame for the delay but they are nevertheless dedicated.

“We landed at dawn here in Kathmandu and immediately unpacked the equipment. As of now we are continuing to get organized, build the field hospital, and see to our other efforts, including the special effort to locate Israelis. Every Israeli who comes to us will have his needs taken care of. I would like to emphasize that we are highly motivated and ready for our task here; we are proud to represent the state and we hope to save lives and achieve results.”

Even though Israel has provided the most manpower and the United States has dedicated the most money, every little bit matters for the people of Nepal. As of now, over 6,000 fatalities have been recorded. As for foreigners visiting the country, 676 French, 300 Australians, and 683 Chinese citizens are still unaccounted for.

[Featured Image via IDF Spokesperson, Post Image via CNN]