February 7, 2017
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Will The Trade For Adrian Peterson Happen At Tonight's NFL Draft? -- Here Is The Likelihood

The day has finally come for the 2015 NFL Draft, and it returns to Chicago on Thursday night. There is so much up in the air as to where Marcus Mariota will be drafted or which trades will happen. The latter actually is one of the biggest topics at hand, and one of the rumors still going strong is that of the Minnesota Vikings possibly trading running back Adrian Peterson, but will it be to the Dallas Cowboys?

In the past week, the longtime rumors of Peterson being traded to the Dallas Cowboys have hit a huge snag. Many experts now believe that there is next to no chance that Jerry Jones will give up what the Vikings will possibly ask for Peterson in a trade.

One other big wonder is if the Vikings will indeed even trade Peterson, who has made it obviously clear that he doesn't want to stay in Minnesota. Well, now he's actually given a hint as to where he might want to play.

Sitting courtside of the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets playoff game on Tuesday night, Peterson said it would be "nice" to play for the Dallas Cowboys, but that the situation is "out of his hands," per Sports Illustrated.

Fans want it. Adrian Peterson wants it. His agent wants it. The Minnesota Vikings? They have insisted that he won't be traded, but they're not going to give that info away before it's time anyway.

The Dallas Cowboys want it, but they won't admit that either. Actually, due to tampering rules within the NFL, they can't admit it. Jerry Jones even said on Tuesday that he "wouldn't dare talk about that," when asked about Peterson.

As Dallas News pointed out, it seems like a real long shot that the Cowboys will end up landing Peterson in a trade on Thursday or Friday night of the 2015 NFL Draft. It's possible, but it would take a lot of doing.

Peterson is owed a lot of money in 2015 ($12.75 million), and he would count for $15.4 million against Minnesota's salary cap next year. It would probably take two first round draft picks or a first rounder and a qualified starting player.

Jones said as much on Tuesday.

"It's highly unlikely you would trade for a player this time of year. Players values are diminished. It's unbelievable. Draft picks are enhanced.

Everybody wants draft picks over the next three days and the day of the draft so players have a diminished consideration in a trade."

On Tuesday, a lot was said by many people and that includes Rick Spielman, the general manager of the Vikings. He made it clear from the very beginning that things were as they have been.
"We can just end the Adrian Peterson stuff. Our position has not changed since all of the statements we made down at the owner's meetings.

Adrian Peterson is under contract, his suspension was lifted, we're looking forward to having Adrian Peterson as a Minnesota Viking in 2015. That's the end of the story. That's it.''

Adrian Peterson has "got family here (Dallas), my dad's here." He grew up in Palestine, Texas, just two hours southeast of Dallas, and he played college football for the Oklahoma Sooners. His ending up being traded to the Dallas Cowboys may or may not happen, but a lot more will be known by the end of the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft on Thursday.

[Image via Vibe]